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What is the most plausible Alternative Timeline of WW2?

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Allied Propaganda tier:
>Nazis would have tried to invade America after winning the war against the Russians and annexed it directly, setting up a brutal occupation policy

Autistic Fanfiction tier:
>There would have been a Cold War between Axis and America, but Germany would collapse because each major Nazi Leader would have created their own State based on their personality quirks and different ideologies

Social Commentary tier:
>look at how we, the English, the Protagonists of History, would have dealt with being occupied by the Germans and survived an oppressive totalitarian dictatorship; Oh, woe is us

"Of course it would be another Cold War and end the same" tier
>literally just replaces the Soviets with the Nazis in this alternative History and presumes History will largely be the same
>thinks any ideology with Socialism in its name just has to collapse

Alternative Timeline tier
>After winning the war against the Soviet Union, Spain and Portugal will join the Axis and take Gibraltar, the Mediterranean will become a closed Axis Lake
>the Arabs and other colonized ethnic groups are going to look for Fascism as Inspiration for their Struggle against their Colonizers instead of Communism in our timeline
>Middle-East up to the Persian Mountains will become axis-aligned
>Turks are going to join too after being surrounded
>all of the Industrial Output of Europe is going to concentrate on making Great Britain capitulate
>a very brutal air fight will result in German Air Superiority, soon the German Navy can freely operate and conduct landings almost unopposed, Great Britain gives up
>Japan is going to get nuked, but not accept unconditional surrender, accept a truce and lose most overseas possessions, while holding onto China
>the Truce is going to slowly usher in a Cold War
>National Socialism is going to be even more popular than Communism/Socialism among young people and the post-war Generations want peace & cooperation with the Axis
>world peace achieved
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Are nafris just old world pardos? They look like they came from Brazilian favelas
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100 years ago, on January 21st 1924, the greatest revolutionary genius in history, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, died. To this day, no other communist revolutionary inspires such hatred among the bourgeoisie. Lenin's ideas were a correct development of Marxism and took socialism from theory to reality. The Russian Revolution was denounced and vilified because its example was a deadly threat to ruling classes across the capitalist world. Lenin has been caricatured and demonised, especially during the Cold War period. Lenin stood up for the working class all over the world.
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Would it be fair to say that for at least the last 2,000 years, the world has revolved around China in one way or another?
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Why has Arab cinema been historically dominated by non-Arab actresses?

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Zubaida Tharwat of Albanian, Turkish and Circassian descent.

Hind Rostom, of Circassian descent.

Soad Hosny, of Kurdish descent.

Feyrouz, of Armenian descent.
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Why have the Chinese historically always been so bad at war?

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Even going back to antiquity, chinese "victories" are like
>we want this greek city in bactria
>they have better horses than all of china
>let's send 30k men to take the city
>they failed
>send 240k men to take the city
Like, I get that stagnating military theories from literally every group in the region aside from steppe nomads all fighting in more or less in the chinese tradition is a big problem, but the baseline chinese tradition also seems to be bad
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Germanic heritage of Italy

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Why did the Germanic tribes not leave a genetic impact on the Italian Peninsula despite historical evidence of Germanic settlement and migration to the region? Is there a historical reason behind it? Was the constant Byzantine attempts at conquering the Italian Peninsula behind it?
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>free market leads to monopoly
>communism is just a state where a single entity has a total monopoly on everything
>free market/ancap leads to communism
Wtf you guys told me horseshoe theory is cringe
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Pan Arabism was really the last hope for Arab countries. yet it failed and made way for Israeli and Iranian domination
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Why did the world abandon Rhodesia, Biafra, and Katanga? Africa would have objectively been better off if these states still existed
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