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Did US government persecute blacks in the 90s?
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>did exactly what Lincoln said he would do before his assassination
>is considered one of the worst ever because of it
Has any president (besides obviously Buchanan) had their legacy been tarnished worse?
How much of it is purely (((Foner))) building his entire career on selling out to the #woke crowd?
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why doesn't he look italian?
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Why is it so controversial to say that maybe the french revolutionaries were wrong?
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To this day, there STILL isn't a good response to this
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Ask me your hardest Bible questions, and I will attempt to answer them from a Jewish / Catholic perspective.
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Was Andrew Jackson the worst president USA had?

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They blame him for ruining the economy and being racist towards cherokee. But I don’t trust mainstream media any more (sometimes they are right but most of the times they are wrong) so how much of it is true and how much of it is false?

Redpill me
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The Holy Ghost fucked Blessed Virgin Elisabeth Magdalene having John the Baptist and the Holy Ghost fucked Blessed Virgin Mary Magdalene having Jesus Christ, so the Holy Ghost is their Father.

Why was Virgin Elisabeth two weeks late? Why was Virgin Mary two weeks early?

Why are Latin Americans like this?

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I mean I’m Latin American myself but almost every one of them are catholic and “staunchly trad”. They are the types to call you a larpagan despite the fact Catholicism is paganism. Why?
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Should racism be criminalized?
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