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Is there any hope of finding lost historical artifacts like pic related?
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Historically, Muslims have allowed the coexistence of other religious minorities, while Christians have not.

In Al-Andalus and the Ottoman Empire Christianity and Judaism were protected by dhimmi legislation. This social status also included Zoroastrians, Buddhists, Hindus and more religious groups. the only condition to maintain their worship was the jizya tax (and extra tributation). That is the reason why it is Muslim and non-Christian countries that have the largest Sephardic diaspora
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Why were farmers so easily BTFOed?

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Why is it that neolithic farmers, a warlike culture that had contacts across the entire European continent, got BTFO so hard by indo-europeans? Literally all over the continent they got BTFO except for Sardinia which was an island the IEs couldnt reach
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Why did God make parasites? Why did he let them survive the flood?
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Austrians be like:
>Nooooo we're not Germans!
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Were ancient Egyptians muscular and physically strong?

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Why do Italian-Americans created criminal gangs and organized crime instead of working hard like other immigrant groups?
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Blessed Virgin Elisabeth Magdalene was barren 'cause Saint Zacharias Magdalene
kept doing the wrong holes. She swallowed, every time, but still barren. Go figure?

Yahya & Isa Magdalene

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Which nation is the protagonist of history
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