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What would Africa be like if it wasn't colonized?
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What are the rightful borders of Ukraine?
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I’m going to post this every day until you remember it
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200 year old Bottle of Wine under the Slaughter Stone was discovered 100 years ago, that makes Stonehenge only 200 years old?
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>black teenager accidentally brushes a white girl's arm in an elevator
>days of rioting and 1/3rd of a city destroyed follows
*sips tea*
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How did mountain men entertain themselves? It must've been fucking boring without games or the internet.
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Was it divine retribution?
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Did you know Rosa Parks was mugged in Detroit at age 81?
>On Aug. 30, 1994, at the age of 81, Parks was mugged in her own home by a young black man, Joseph Skipper. Skipper broke down her back door and then claimed he had chased away an intruder. He asked for a tip. When Parks went upstairs to get her pocketbook, he followed her. She gave him the $3 he initially asked for, but he demanded more. When she refused, he proceeded to hit her.

>“I tried to defend myself and grabbed his shirt,” she explained. “Even at 81 years of age, I felt it was my right to defend myself.”

The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks

>He hit her again, punching her in the face and shaking her hard, and threatened to hurt her further. She relented and gave him all her money–$103. Hurt and badly shaken, she called Elaine Steele who lived across the street and had become a key source of support. Steele called the police who took 50 minutes to arrive. Meanwhile, the word went out that someone had mugged Parks.
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Which of these two countries has achieved the most in:
>But comparing these two countries don't make any sense
Yes and I don't care.
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>Be China
>Adopt Communism.
>Westerners Mad.
>A few decades later, wordlessly admit that its a shite system and practice capitalism.
>Westerners STILL Mad
>They're even more mad than when you were doctrinally communist lmao.

>During the doctrinally Communist period, the Chinese government purges the country's old culture during the Cultural Revolution.
>Westerners Mad, calls this barbaric.
>Today, you realize this was a mistake, and now use said old culture to mobilize nationalism among your people.
>Westerners begin to call you Nazi.
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