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Why did China always have such horrible views of the west when the west was and is objectively an example to follow?
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Why do the Orthodox countries celebrate Baptistmas and Christmas on January 6-7?
yo why'd Catholic-Protestant 4chan snowflakes stop falling?
Racist? nevertheless Yahya had a Happy B-day

The Holy Ghost
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When did large breasts become idealized as synonymous with female beauty? Didn't the upper class in the past for example view them as obscene due to association with breastfeeding lots of children? When did this paradigm shift occur?
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Well, lookie there. It's the 4chan Board that Worships
DEAD people. Who you Worshiping today Wankers?

Is Soil-based Nationalism the ultimate expression of Peasantry?

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>every important figure, every important invention was all produced or bred by local people
>we have no ties to any foreigners, we are not descended from any badass warrior race conquering the continent
>we are locals, our nobles are just peasants that rose through the ranks
>Spanish Nobles aren't Goths, they are Spaniards, you hear me?
>Anglo-Saxons Nobles are just Celtic Nobility with Celtic Names adopting Anglo-Saxon Culture, nothing foreign about them
>Russia was founded by Slavs, not Vikings, we were always ruled by Russians only

To me this SCREAMS of Peasants, that were educated and given a right to voice their opinions.

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Which side is the lesser evil here?
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To what extent did the USA inherit the British Empire?

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I’ve heard it said by figures such as Christopher Hitchens and Gore Vidal that after WW2, America effectively took over British responsibilities and privileges. They also claim that this was the desire of the British government as they couldn’t afford the empire and were content for America to take over their old colonies because they basically shared a worldview and had the same interests.

I feel like this is a wilful misinterpretation. If you look at the Middle East in particular, the two countries jockeyed for influence as the Brits were desperate to retain hegemony over the Arabs. But is there more to it?
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Give me an argument against killing people if I am powerful enough to get away with it.
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They say Satan is Jesus, the Devil is No. 1, the God of this World, in the Desert teaching?
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So do y'all like Daniel the prophet's (whoso readeth, let him understand:) Hele Stone / Tabernacle descriptions; Or do y'all like Son of man Ezekiel's (let him that readeth understand,) Hele Stone / Throne descriptions better? Me likes 'em both equally.

G-D the Father
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