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It insists upon itself.
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What are you willing to do to make your /his/ ideals come to reality?
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A certain Vicar of Christ, perhaps?
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We didn't go far enough. Not only should the hungarian state of ceased to exist but the entente should have actively pursued the ethnic cleansing of magyars. This would have prevented WW2 also.
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What was it like being a cleric in the eastern bloc?
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Betrayal in history

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What are some historical figures who were really oblivious to their betrayal but were common sense to everyone else and they even warned them.
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Black eunuchs sex lives with concubines in Islamic harems

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Black eunuchs in Islamic harems had active sex lives with the concubines even though their testicles and penises were cut off. One incompletely castrated black eunuch with undescended testicles used the stump of what remained of his penis to have sex with all the concubines of the Arab Sharif of Mecca and impregnated one of his Circassian concubines with a half black mulatto baby, exposing what he did. Only his scrotum skin and most of his penis were were cut, not his testicles.

Other black eunuchs practiced cunnilingus, oral sex land tribadism (humping and rubbing the women with their bodies) with concubines (odalisques) in Islamic harems and even married them after they left the harems. The odalisques preferred having sexual relations with the infidel black eunuchs than Muslim men. The Muslims feared their penises would regrow and checked them for stumps.
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>Alexander the 'Great'

bad :^(
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I'm assembling a team. You in?
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