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Why Communism is always more popular than right-wing ideas? Even marxist figures are more popular, Marx always had a Socrates/greek philosopher like aesthetic.
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Why did atheism fail?
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There is no rational argument against incest, and yes, I still believe incest should be illegal, but that's entirely a moral argument, not a rational one
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Imagine if China conquered Japan and slowly assimilated all Japanese people until they became indistinguishable from themselves. As the Chinese rules over Japan, the original Japanese culture becomes wiped out.
Hundreds of years later, the Chinese empire begins to weaken and fall apart. The inhabitants of Japan begin to fight for the independence. American weeaboos, longing to restore the land of their animes, volunteer to fight for the Japanese resistance. But when they arrive in Japan, they are sorely disappointed by the zhangoid faces. Their expectations of eating authentic sushi are dashed by the crypto-chinese inhabitants who eat lo mein and peking duck. The American weeaboo legion recites speeches from naruto and k-on to inspire the Japanese soldiers, but they just look on blankly. Nevertheless, they keep fighting until the Chinese overlords are pushed out. The American weeaboos are pleased that Japan exists again, but a sinking feeling that the real Japan is gone forever still lingers.

Now replace China with Turkey, Japan with Greece, American weeaboos with English classical scholars, and this shit actually happened.
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What makes America so impenetrable? We've never had an invasion on home soil in the history of our country. Literally every war is fought outside of America with no risk of attacks on the homeland. Is it because God is on our side?
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>Justification is by faith alone!
>Ok, well Catholics have faith in Christ so surely they're saved
Why are Protestants so autistic
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>Puts Muhammad and Ali in Hell for being schismatics
Wait how did he even know what shia islam was?
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Christianity is polytheistic. The Trinity is three gods no matter how you want to square it, but technically Jesus is only "a god" because the Father is said to be his source and he is God in the proper sense apart from the shared nature of the Trinity. Not only that, many Christians literally worship bread and wine as God. Many Christians venerate Mary to a goddess like status and consider her the Queen of Heaven. Christians have thousands of saints they also pray to. They have numerous images and statues they might even offer incense too. Satan is called the "god of this world." Many Christians believe the gods of other nations exist they just say they are demons. They also have guardian angels, Pentecostals say every nation has a territorial spirit over it. How is this not polytheism?
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Why was the spice trade such a big deal?
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is there physical evidence for the holocaust?
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