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Exodus 20
Moses said: Thou shalt not kill
Exodus 32
Moses said: Go back and forth through the camp from one end to the other, each killing his brother and friend and neighbor
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Arabs Conquests

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How did Arab bedouin nomads defeat and conquer the two largest and most urbanized empires on the face of earth AT THE SAME TIME? (Excluding China, who they defeated in the battle of Talas anyways)
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auto-didactism thread

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what's your method for learning about history?
do you take notes and what sort of system do you use?

Ottomans and Berbers enslaved Saudi Arab Wahhabi women and children in the Ottoman Saudi war

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Al-Jabartī describes how captured “Wahhābī” women and children from the Emirate of Dir`iyyah (First Saudi State) were sold as slaves by the Ottoman Turkish State and their Maghāribah (North African Berber mercenaries).

[Ref: Tārīkh ‘Ajā’ib al-Āthār, 3/606]

Took it from an English translation of Shaykh Nāsir al-Fahd’s book on Ottomans Turks, in which he quotes the above from al-Jabartī.
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>I love Modernist architecture!
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When did Habsburg power in Europe begin to decline
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I understand afrocentrism because they don’t have a good history at all.
But why do some white people feel the need to claim other people’s history by claiming the Iranians, Egyptians, Middle East, or even Northern India’s achievements? God forbid brown people built the pyramids and not blue eyed blonde hair aryans. White’s already have the best history probably via Rome alone. Why do you need to make shit up to have more, and debunk everything by claiming it’s “Jewish lies”???
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Is Korea the only country without ethnic minorities?

Every country has some minority.

In east Asia, There are 55 officially recognized ethnic minorities in China and The only officially recognized minority in Japan is the Ainu. However, I have never heard of the minority people living in Korea
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>Log on to /his/

>Islam is bad bait thread
>Islam is is good bait thread
>Another Haplogroup thread
>Nazi's are bad thread (Wow, so enlightening)
>'What if' Brainlet thread
>Communist apologist
>Another Ottoman thread
>'Christianity caused____ to Europe'

Ok, what happend to this place?
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This is what Malcolm X believed.
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