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Mazinger Z Infinity

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First reviews are in. The movie's not perfect, and suffers from a few problems depending on who you talk to, but overall, it seems that people enjoyed it plenty nonetheless.
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Which Mech is capable of defeating Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann?
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Today I will remind UCfags

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>+7,000 robot anime sales average

(1995) 111,559 Neon Genesis Evangelion
(2004) *68,732 Gundam SEED Destiny
(2002) *58,589 Gundam SEED
(2008) *46,147 Macross F
(2006) *45,367 Code Geass
(2008) *42,690 Code Geass R2
(2008) *34,601 Gundam 00 2nd season
(2007) *33,481 Gundam 00
(1996) *29,036 Martian Successor Nadesico
(1979) *28,078 Mobile Suit Gundam
(1989) *22,591 Mobile Police Patlabor
(1985) *20,253 Mobile Suit Gundam Z
(2007) *20,052 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
(1995) *18,807 Gundam Wing
(1997) *18,053 GaoGaiGar
(1986) *13,420 Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ
(1998) **9,481 Brain Powered
(2002) **9,304 Rahxephon
(2010) **9,076 STAR DRIVER
(2013) **8,936 Suisei no Gargantia
(2005) **8,516 Eureka7
(1983) **8,060 Vifam
(2014) **7,995 Knights of Sidonia
(1977) **7,319 Super Machine Zambot 3
(2004) **7,133 Fafner
(2003) **7,073 Gunparade March: Arata Naru Kougunka

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Other boards are having fun with this, anyone else want to make some /m/ related stuff? I'll be posting the templates in a bit.
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titties in mecha anime

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Does Tomino have something against women?

There are so many dumb bitches in the Gundam universe that it's staggering
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Pineapple on pizza. I approve. JUSTICE!!!!
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/m/ plays Gihren's Ambition:Part 2

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Previous thread:

[U.C 0079, March 1st]

Despite the crippling loss of much of the Earth Federations navy at Loum, along with the death of nearly half of the human race in the ensuing bloodshed, it appears that the war shall continue. With the conflict shifting from space to Earth, the first major target of this invasion will be Odessa, the largest deposit of resources on the Earth. Commanding this Operation will be Captain M'quve and Rear Admiral Yuri Kellerne

[Rule changes/revisions]
*Major decisions will now be on a six hour timer instead of 12*
*Smaller decisions will be proposed from time to time regarding certain development projects, these will only last 1 hour*
*Senate, Congress and Federal Reserve budgeting will be done by myself, to much nitpicking to try and make that functional by decisions*
*Investments will be decided by decisions from /m/*

[Leader divisions]

1st fleet: Supreme Commander Gihren Zabi
2nd fleet: Vice Admiral Dozle Zabi
3rd: Rear Admiral Coscom
4th: Rear Admiral Kycillia
5th: Colonel Twanning
6th: Rear Admiral Bitter
7th: Rear Admiral Ginias
8th: Rear Admiral Ginias
9th: Colonel Garma
10th: Captain M'quve
11th: Empty (Anyone above major may command)
12th: Empty (Anyone above major may command)

[Customs status]
Colonel Kyoji Kashu: Alive
Lieutenant Colonel Terry.A.Davis: Alive
Major Kira Yamato: Alive
Major A Potato: Alive
Commander PewDiePie: Alive
Sergent Chirico: Alive
Warrant Officer Bofa Deez
Private Hugh Mungus: Alive
Private Big Chungus: Alive


[Company investment decision]

[Nation investment decision]
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/ferb/ - Ferbus General #2

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Previous thread: >>19588982
This is a general dedicated to discussion of Ferbus and all things related to Ferbus. Please be nice.
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What Gundam game should I play for MAXIMUM fan service? Dynasty looks boring as fuck.
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