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SDGO/SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online

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Could SDGO have flourished with the new resurgence of popularity Gundam has had lately, if it had just clung on for a little while longer?
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Planet With

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Episode 8 in a few hours, grab some meat while we wait and chow down.
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Now that dust has settled we can now safely say Planet With is the worst anime of the year. Not Build Divers, not Mazinger Infinity, not Tiramisu, not /m/aaya Honey, not Zoids Wild, not Invisible Victory, and somehow not Dragon Pilot. It was this.
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/m/useum thread 2 (formerly nyaa recovery)

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Which is your favorite happy Tomino series? (e.g., Xabungle, L-Gaim, ZZ, etc)
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Complete Daimos subs

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Ho there lads. The Daimos batch torrent got released today for you lucky buggers with secret club access: https://animebytes.tv/torrents.php?id=2693&torrentid=383445
Maybe someone could reupload it to a public tracker for the rest of us shit covered peasents. Just a thought! For those that don't have the patience (or would rather use the other set of raws available on Nyaa) I'm gonna repost the scripts too: https://mega.nz/#!IRhWRYIS!l1CdW8ojMOp0MORAJM_LzD_La0keQKyazK-pedhY5CQ

Please enjoy the (second) greatest love story ever told.
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How are all the Matsumoto anime?
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Hey Kamen Rider fags, why won't you allow ishimorifags in your threads? At least he'll stop spicposting in every Dynamic Pro thread he finds.
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Future Policeman Urashiman

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Anyone a fan? I just started watching it, surprised by how good it is so far having never heard of it before.

Doesn't seem to be well advertised, but HI-DIVE are streaming the entire 50 episodes in 1080p in case anyone wanted to rip them. I know some folks here were lamenting the absence of BD rips before, so might be welcome news to some?
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Daimos dub

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Anyone got any better quality copies of the Daimos dub cause all I can find is the bad Wmv encodes. Did that one guy who bought the daimos VCD set rip it at all