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Whattcha watching, reading, or playing, /m/?
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And now for a Gaiking thread. Which do you prefer: Classic or remake?

The /m/echa Museum Project #8

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Previous thread:

>Old links
>Alt Pastebin/Spreadsheet (WIP)!1A8xlJjK!SvBfoFKSxfRMm0gDloniWg

Recommended Anime torrent and ddl sites:


> (torrent mirror/scraper)
> (eng anime & OST)
> (eng anime, torrent mirror, subs)
> (XDCC index)
> (eng anime & OST)
> (raws)
> (XDCC index)
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Rayearth is fun
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Why was Zeta the only other UC series to get compilation films? What about ZZ and Victory?
Do you guys think there's ever a possibility those series get movies?
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Albegus, gakeen and starzinger completed!

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>Biggest lie ever told when building model kits

If you make gunpla/plamo in general always use glue

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is Dancouga actually any good?
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I liked the pseudo-Showa Riders from Drive.
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