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Do you ever wonder

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If there might be more to life than 4chan?
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/prg/- Power Rangers General #420

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Cockpit Edition
>Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always
30th Anniversary Reunion Special Streaming NOW
On Netflix worldwide:

>Dino Fury
On Netflix now:
or here:

>Cosmic Fury costume reveal

>Official YouTube Channels


>Coming Soon:
Cosmic Fury releases this Fall

Current comics being released/coming
>Ranger Academy
>Power Rangers Unlimited: The Coinless
>Power Rangers Unlimited: Hyperforce

>Ranger Academy announced, preview on FCBD: May 6, 2023

>Power Rangers Unlimited: The Coinless out June 28, 2023

>Power Rangers Unlimited: Hyperforce out July 19, 2023

>Amy Jo Johnson written series (co-written with Matt Hotson)

>30th Anniversary BOOM! Studios Kickstarter

Power Rangers Samurai is fully uploaded on YouTube

Power Rangers Super Samurai is being uploaded on YouTube

24/7 Streams

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Is witch from mercury woke?

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Lets think about it for a second
>yuri shit
>brown POC perfect mary sue protagonist
>huur duur conservatives le bad
>unironic shilling of communism
>capitalism LE bad being the main theme
>shorts, no panty shots at all
>straight men LE bad for the villians
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Why G-Witch flopped

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For me, it's the fact that it failed to live up the hype as the main entry for a new AU. The show overall feels redundant, and like a rehash of NT mixed in with some 00 and IBO stuff. It could've been a hard sci-fi take on some of the stuff that indeed feels like "lol space magic", but for some reason they decided to slap some half-baked teenage romance into it (well, it's Gundam TV show, after all).

What do you think, /m/?
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I like mecha, but I hate this fucking board.
Where do I go?
Don't say reddit or discord, those are even worse than here somehow.
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CCA is really goddamned kino and it will never be topped.
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Gun x Sword

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What does /m/ think about Gun x Sword?
I thought it was a relatively standard mech show done pretty well.
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Evil laughter echoes in the shadow of the night sky's twinkling stars, burdening the universe with the tears of people crying from world to world! Call Galaxy Cyclone Braiger — they will arrive in a second!
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Witch From Mercury

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The new best Gundam ED just dropped.
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Origin and history of Mecha

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Is this the first drawn image of a mecha or mecha like vehicle or has something been done before war of the worlds?
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