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Gundam Ace December 2020:

Yamoto 2202 books:
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how and why did Evangelion "save anime"?
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/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #2955: Swordfish Edition

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You can get the new Jeeg manga (60 pages full color) and the Dino Getter manga in the new Jeegfried toy.

Jeeg do have some strange ass related series.
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Take the thrusting force away!

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Why are tokufags like this?
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alternate reality where he wins, retards Char instead of Kamille, etc. Does he fight Dogatie?
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Villain /m/

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Big Bad Guy /m/, tokusatsu, techno organic villains.
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The Gundam Cafe will be shutting down both its locations by the 10th of January next year.

Never got to go myself, always thought that if I ever managed to go to Japan I'd at least pop inside and have a coffee or a beer or such. If you can, now's the last chance to go visit it.

I know a fair few people here have managed to go there. Any memories or glassware/etc you want to share?
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/m78/ Thread - Genius-Level Trigger

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