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THE KING OF /m/ : Nomination Round

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Today, I present to you, the king of /m/ !
A contest to determine which mecha is the best!
As other boards are making their own, I thought /m/ have it's own version of the poll too could be fun.

128 contenders will fight for the title of King of /m/. and it's (you) anon, who will nominate gets in.

Each entry gets accepted in the competition after receiving 5 votes, each votes are done by replying "Support" to the entry in question.
If there is less than 128 contenders, the poll will be with 64 entries instead.

All extra contenders (more than 128, or a number between 128 and 64) will have to be voted out in an additional phase named the Qualifier round, where people will pick who is staying in the competition..

As for the rules :
>Entries needs to be /m/ related one way or another (mechas, power armors...) no matter the franchise
>Kaiju are also accepted
>Tokus are also accepted BUT they are not rated based on their identity.
>actual characters / pilots are NOT accepted

To add an entry, simply post a picture of it, and it's name. You can type more if you want but it's not required.

List of succesful nomination (updated live when I can)
Time of the end of the nomination round :
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Kaiju General!

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>It bad because... IT JUST IS OKAY??!!
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Zeta was a mistake

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Zeta is just bad. The creators of Gundam think it's bad and shouldn't have been made. The fans in Japan rank it lower than 0079 every time. Only western retards on reddit, MAL, and ANN think it's good.

>"To tell the truth, as a creator of Gundam I think I should not have ake the sequel to Gundam. I, however, think as a producer it's a nice decision for me to have made Z Gundam. Gundam 2, or Z, was so dark. I directed Z in order to tell "Hey, watch my new Gundam, youngsters. Why are you not so lively like them in Z ?" But Z resulted in Gundam getting more popular. I do not like Z but it made a modest economic success. It resulted that various Gundam shows appeared directed without me. As a result of my decision to make a sequel to First Gundam, Gundam Saga has proceeded over 20 years. At the same time, I feel I should have finished Gundam story in the first series." - Yoshiyuki Tomino, 2002

>"It was the time of Z Gundam when I thought, 'Gundam has turned into something else.'" - Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, 2015

>"But some serials just shouldn’t be made. Gundam is one of those. When you stray off the beaten path from the original to a certain degree, you will encounter a time when, I believe, you are in danger of losing all passion for the work." - Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, 1983
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Movie Blu-Ray releases on October 25th

Uni-Verse MV :
Trailer :

>Taiwanese release on July 14
> Hong Kong 2D & MX4D release on August 24
> Thailand release on September 14
>Singapore and Malaysian screenings confirmed
>Nendoroid Akane Shinjo (New Order) 2023/10
>DX Gridman (Universe Fighter) & Big Goldburn 2024/01
>DX Dynazenon rerelease 2023/12
>DX Full Power Gridknight 2024/02
>Soundlas prototype
>Big Goldburn moderoid prototype
>Primal Accepter (movie version)
>POP UP PARADE Akane Shinjo (New Order) 2023/09
>THE GATTAI King Gridman
>threezero FigZero Denkou Choujin Gridman
>Evolution Toy HAF Gridman (Universe Fighter)
>SMP Dynazenon & Gridknight & Goldburn 2023/08
>Ultimate Luminous Tsuburaya Pro Hero Gridman & Mirrorman
>Gridman Universe Memorial artbook
>Gridman Universe Heroine archive release on August 10
>Gridman Universe Uchusen Book announced for August 28
> Gridman Universe Bluray Release on October 25th along with a new voice drama titled "Gridman Universe 2" starring Yuta, Rikka, Utsumi, Yomogi and Yume
> Gridman Universe Show announced for April 7, 2024
>Gridman 30th Anniversary Stage announced for Tsubucon in November

Link to all Voice Drama:
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New SEED FREEDOM characters revealed
google translated names and their VA :
From left to right:
Liu Hsien-chiang: Kentaro
Tone Daniel Halper: Yoshiyuki
Matsuoka Griffin Alvarest: ???
Orphée Lam Thao : Hiroshi
Shimono Aura Maha Khyber : Yukari
Tamura Ingrid Torador: Sumire Uesaka
Riderado Torador : Misato Fukuen
Shula Serpentine : Yuichi Nakamura
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Fafnerbros, what happened? It's been months and Behind the Line still isn't translated.
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/mmp/ - /m/echa Museum Project #14

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Previous thread:

>Old links (some may not work) (embed)
>Alt Pastebin/Spreadsheet (WIP)!1A8xlJjK!SvBfoFKSxfRMm0gDloniWg

Recommended Anime torrent and ddl sites:


> (torrent mirror/scraper)
> (eng anime, torrent mirror, subs)
> (XDCC index)
> (eng anime & OST)
> (raws)
> (XDCC index)
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Shinn Asuka appreciation thread

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Is anyone else looking forward to his new film?
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Zanmataisen Demonbane

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It's out

Main character is a hikikomori amnesiac (gender undetermined, text states that gender changes at times). Master Therion appears before them, does Gridman jokes, and has them isekai tensei into the Demonbane world where they're supposed to become the grand master of Black Lodge. (The whole genderless/nameless thing is supposed to be "like a RPG and smartphone game protagonist" and the gender changing at times is probably a reference to similar things happening in smartphone games. Haganeya writes for FGO amongst other things)

But this is actually a Demonbane world with Demonbane, the Necronomicon, and all the related things removed (given how it takes place after DYN this is probably the world made at the end there). Doctor West isn't here and Black Lodge has a Doronjo-type lady complete with cronies using kaijuu to attack the city, and Hadou has a superhero team called STEEL fighting back instead.
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