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Why is the Gundam/Tomino fanbase full of trannies and communists?
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This is the very pinnacle of mecha, if not anime altogether. I have yet to hear a convincing argument for why it's not aside from some bitching about the ending from faggots who didn't get it.
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Has there ever been a good romance in Gundam?
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Kyoukai Senki

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The second cour is getting pretty good

Some faggot janny is deleting the threads

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Are we allowed to talk about Lightyear on /m/ yet?

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So, were all UC timeline Gundams built by cute lesbians, or do you think it was it was just the GPO-1?
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Do I unironically have to be Japanese to understand this?
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Kaiju threads 404’ing mysteriously

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what the actual hell is going on with the kaiju related threads i noticed some fags keep raiding these threads and seemingly getting them 404ed screeching about it not being /m/ despite countless kaiju related threads being around prior (such as the still active ultraman thread)
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It was never popular because anime-watchers have short attention span and require being spoonfed.
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