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Albegus, gakeen and starzinger completed!

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>Biggest lie ever told when building model kits

If you make gunpla/plamo in general always use glue

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is Dancouga actually any good?
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I liked the pseudo-Showa Riders from Drive.
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And now for a Granzort thread. Honestly this was a cool series even though the second OVA was highly unnecessary.

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Why is it so hard for mecha series to have good writing?
many popular mecha anime have good writing (though not EVERY popular mecha anime do) so you'd think producers would find that very important

but yet every series we've been getting in these last years, which have been becoming fewer and fewer due to the amount of endless mecha garbage that has tainted the well, have had awful writing or terrible endings

why dont good writers work in mecha anime anymore?
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Does Majestic Prince become anything other than a good but generic show? I wouldn't say its bad or anything but I feel like I've seen it a million times before.
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Shin Seiki Evangelion thread

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Ah yes. One of the most popular Super Robot show out there, with the most annoying and pretentious fanbase. How did this happen?

Discussion and waifu posting are welcomed.
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[EG] The Big O (AI Upscaled 1080p, Dual Audio, 60fps OP)

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Fuck, I can't believe I'm typing this, but here is a surprise EG drop:


This is a completely one-off experiment that was entirely prompted by wanting to rewatch the show, only to discover that no decent copies are really floating around out there. First off, the Big O BDs that are out there are lame Q-TEC upscales that don't really do much for the image. This is a real shame for the first seasons, because Banrise didn't see it fit to properly rescan the 35mm film. Being from 1999, it should have been right up there with Turn-A Gundam as far as film stock quality is concerned. They instead decided to criminally upscale the first season. The second season of course, was an early 2000s digital production, and while it's well produced, it's a product of its time, meaning it's soft, and eternally stuck in standard definition.

So why did I bother encoding it?

One reason is that, shockingly, no one seems to have restored the original OP to the Blu-ray versions, which use the 2007 Animax opening instead. Even US DVDs from around that same time also stopped using the original opening, presumably for fear of dealing with Queen, meaning the only DVDs that had the original versions were the single volumes and first collection box sets. It's pretty easy to combine files like this, and the whole show was upscaled anyway, so it's not like it matters that you'd be matching DVD to BD...
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>Script: Yoshiyuki Tomino (eps 1-26)
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