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Uchuu Taitei God Sigma - 02 subbed
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Katz in Zeta is overhated. He should have survived Zeta Gundam and been a part of the cast of Double Zeta.His death didn't matter much narratively. He would have been a nice contrast to Judau's crew. He should have been in CCA and got to fight alongside Amuro.
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>you're late for your lesson about beautiful lesbian spics going on a date CHUD

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Webdiver thread, I've been hearing that the fansubs for this had wonky raws with audio issues, is there truth to this?

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Um, could you guys try NOT being nazi bigots? Thanks. And be better :)
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The best looking TV show ever made. Universally recognized for its directing and animation quality.
>Eva's shit clones like RahXephon and Fafner
Look like shit and only weebs who watch every anime because they lack standards think they're good
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favorite eva clone*?

*clones in eva
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why does he get to shitpost with no repercussions?
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>Evangelion: A quick retrospective
>10 hours long

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What needs to happen, for the mecha genre to make a complete comeback? Personally I think another groundbreaking series needs to happen, that launches a ton of clones.
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