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Who is the best pure skill pilot and why is it Graham?
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The Girl Who Leapt Through Space, in 2009 Sunrise tried to make their own Project A-ko in TV format and they succeeded. I'm 10 eps in and think it's terrible (slow pacing, bad writing and characters, mediocre production values, none of the jokes are funny, subpar world building), but that's to be expected when you put the Mai Hime crew on anything. What do you anons think? I never hear anyone talking about it.

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>Bipedal but not humanoid

Absolute peak mecha design.
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/srwg/ Super Robot Wars General #2338

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Mazin Emperor G and Jun Hono Support
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Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury

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2022 New Gundam series

Gundam Witch from Mercury

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they said they gonna announce solething on 15 august, where are the news?
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Its pretty much agreed upon that Mikazuki is the weakest protagonist in terms of piloting skills, right?
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So how come nobody has ever catalogued all the monsters from Patlabor? It's beloved on this board and we do crossover with kaiju fans the good ones open to new content, not the Toho Kingdom breed, and they provided unique challenges to the team. Aside from WXIII from movie 3 there was the Gaira parody from Early Days, that one white alligator, the sewer dragon, the ghosts, and the Ultraman parodies with those ZAT spin offs.

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It's interesting how much lore Witch From Mercury has that they really haven't revealed yet. The official summaries for both the main show and the Prologue don't really say anything, and the official sites merely mention stuff in passing rather than giving a complete explanation of its setting.
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Cross Ange? More like Cross GAY
∀ Gundam? More like Turn g∀y Gundam.
G-Reco? More like Gay-Rectum.
Aldnoah.Zero? More like Aldnoah.GAY
Mazinger Z? More like MazinGAY SHIT
Code Geass? More like Code GAYass.
Mobile Suit Gundam? More like Mobile Shit Gaydam
Getter Robo? More like Gayer Robo
Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan? More like Tengay Top lel Gayrren Laggay
Armored Troopers VOTOMS? More like Armored Faggots BOTTOMS
GaoGaiGar? More like GayGayGay
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam? More like Mobile Shit Shittier Gaydam
Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ? More like Mobile Shit Gaydam Double Fag
Mobile Suit Gundam 00? More like Mobile Shit Gundam Double GAY
Gargantia? More like Gaygantia
Gunbuster? More like Fagbuster
Diebuster? More like Shitbuster
Legend of the Galactic Heroes? More like Legend of the Lactating FAGS
Aquarion? More like A GAY Lion
Neon Genesis Evangelion? More like Neon Geneshit Evangaylion (by Gaynax Studios)
Legend of the Blue Wolves? More like Hot Space Cowboys
The Vision of Escaflowne? More like, The Nigger of Escatflowne
Muv-Luv? More like Muv-GAY
Macross Frontier? More like Shitcross Shit-Tier
Nadesico? More like Gaydesico
Full Metal Panic? More like Gay Nigger Panic
J-Decker? More like Gay Dicker
Symphogear? More like Symphogay
Heavy Metal L-Gaim? More like Heavy Faggot L-GAY
Five Star Stories? More like Five Gay Stories
Gasaraki? More like GAYsaraki
Argevollen? More like ArGAYvollen
Super Dimensional Fortress Macross? More like Super Dicksucking Faggot GAYcross
Valvrave? More like ValvGAYve
I.S.? More like Infinite Shit.
Strike Witches? More like not /m/.