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CCA is really goddamned kino and it will never be topped.
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Gun x Sword

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What does /m/ think about Gun x Sword?
I thought it was a relatively standard mech show done pretty well.
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Evil laughter echoes in the shadow of the night sky's twinkling stars, burdening the universe with the tears of people crying from world to world! Call Galaxy Cyclone Braiger — they will arrive in a second!
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Witch From Mercury

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The new best Gundam ED just dropped.
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Origin and history of Mecha

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Is this the first drawn image of a mecha or mecha like vehicle or has something been done before war of the worlds?
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Bravo, Tomino!

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I was truly filtered.

Tomino really pushed the limits of Gundam's U N D E R S T A N D I N G trope with this one.

Hats off and a standing ovation to Tomimo!
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/m/ arsenal thread
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Surprisingly, not a Gundam
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Subtitles for The Brave Express Might Gaine 42 - 47[END[

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I saw that Might Gaine still wasn't fully subbed since I watched it raw a couple years back, so I decided to pitch in and finish the last few episodes. I've been posting in the Yuusha threads but I figured now that the subs are done it probably warrants its own thread.

Enjoy, and please leave some feedback if you think I could improve on something! I cross-examined other subtitles to make sure the subs feel consistent, but I may have missed a thing or two (I made just a couple romanization changes that I felt were more accurate, please critique those too).

You can download the subs here:

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Gamera Rebirth

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Hoh boy. Unless Jiger starts shooting out the heat ray I'm not watching this
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