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/edhg/ - EDH/Commander General

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>OFFICIAL Commander website, where you can learn the rules, see the current banlist, and read the format philosophy, laid down by the rules committee:

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen color identity.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck strategy and card choices.


>Proxy a deck or a cube for cheap

>how to proxy using any printer

>Thread Question:
Longest serving commander?
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/twgg/ - TowerGirls CYOA General

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Sir Knight Dash Edition

Discussion of the Towergirls CYOA, RPG, Setting, or Video Games welcome here!

Everyone is welcome.


Main Gens:
Legacy Charts:
Side Quests:

Alternate Costumes:
Nyx's Fusions:

Fan V4 Gen:

Gats's V4+Chibi Gen:
V4 World Map:
Diety Writeups:

Booru (Fan Art Collection) -
Backup Booru -
Brushes, Fonts, and Templates -
Gats Wiki -
Folder Containing Artwork -

Games & Tabletop Rulebooks:

Quests: (Eversor)

Where do I upload to share?

If you'd like access to the discord or have anything you wish to talk about privately involving towergirls, editing, etc, please contact Brumus here:

A) [email protected]
B) "Tired Knight" on Steam

Don't forget to check the other Tower girl threads on other boards;


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What's your personal experience with women running games?
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So at this point everyone agrees that it is impossible to play a tabletop game as written. So why do people play games at all? And for that matter, why do people make new ones? You know you're just going to screw it up anyway.
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Elite Soldiers

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>for this mission, your party will fight alongside the king's elite unit of all-female veteran soldiers
>originally founded to escort and defend the princess, this fighting force later came into its own during the previous war
How would your party coordinate their efforts with an elite band of soldiers?
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Is it cringe to make characters look like yourself?
I prefer a character that look like me but I don't want people to think I'm self-inserting.
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Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/

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wtf is this all true?

The state of Play Between the sexes.

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A screen snap got me thinking on what do men and women want from their Game.(post below)

GM's and players of /tg/. What are some of the difference you have experienced between the Sexes when it comes to the tabletop scene?
How do their motivation and their character build differ.
Which sex is more likely to be that guy or gal?
Do you think it's better for a part of be all one sex or a mixture?
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Why I don’t allow female characters

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All the guys that play female characters can be divided into 3 group:

Group 1: The pervert
Group 2: The trannie
Group 3: “I’m a strong independent woman that don’t need no man”

Furthermore, I do not have any prominent female NPCs in my world. The emperor? Male. The soldiers? Male. The important wizard? Male.

The only women in my game are homemakers, housewives, or damsels in distress.

You want your little Amazon fantasy? Sorry, but she’ll end up beaten, r*ped, and enslaved in less than a day.
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