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Why is /tg/ so full of femcel hamcunts?

You know I'm right.

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There never was a Dungeons & Dragons 4E or 5E. What was referred to as such were actually hack job MMORPGs in tabletop format and an absolute disgrace to tabletop rpgs everywhere.

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Has the assassin of Warhammer 40k finally appeared?
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/slop/ AI Art Thread

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" I was a Business Man doing Business! " Edition:

Previously on /slop/: >>>>92814763#

▶ Thread Task: post traders, markets and whatever you are buying or selling goods or service! Maybe just getting a snack at a stall?

▶ News: It's been confirmed images are not saved on Microsoft's servers forever, only for 50 days. Make sure to save your images.

▶ Generators

▶ /slop/-approved styles, prompts and perspectives

▶ Videogame art styles

▶ Useful links
Color identifiers --
List of art movements --
List of hair styles --
World folk clothing --
World body armors --
Names for general clothing styles (PDF) --
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Mecha Monday: Aquarion Logos Edition

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Welcome to Mecha Monday! Here we dedicate ourselves to mecha RPGs, war games, and board games alike. Here we start games, tell campaign stories, share resources & assets, and seek advice for our games and homebrew.

Let us know what needs to be updated with the pastebin.

Assorted Mecha Goodness:

Previous Thread: >>92912569

Thread Question: How powerful is too powerful for giant robots?

Thread Theme:
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Are tiefling really freakshit? They originated in 2e, they should be considered a cool retro grognard race.
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>The hero is falsely accused to prevent his rightful return to power by a coalition of orcs and demons


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The first broodmother ever created was not a Skaven but a Dwarf. It was Skavor's magnum opus, a creation objectively greater than the combined creations of all the other Ancestor Gods and even everything that the Dwarves would ever make. It maximized the effectiveness of a woman's only useful aspect while completely eliminating the negative effects of all her other detrimental aspects. But the Dwarves rejected Skavor and his creation. They had the key to inevitable and uncontested dominance of the entire world in their hands and threw it away due to their simping.
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Finally a good fucking card game