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Valhallans on a Hive World

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>Be me.
>Tank Sergeant Yuri of the Valhallan 545th armored.
>Feeling much better now since the incident on the desert planet.
Link to last thread:
>I guess a few weeks of warp transit to rest and relax was just what I needed.
>Anyway, we exited the warp with several other ships near a hive world.
>Apparently a Shadow in the Warp is getting closer to this system and the planetary Governor has enough sway to requisition a few regiments to protect this world during the feast of the Emperor’s Ascension.
>If he knows the Nids are coming and has enough money to bring us all here, why doesn’t he just leave?
>Probably just doesn’t want to leave behind all his stuff.
>He was nice enough to “gift” me a new tank though, although the tank crew seamed rather confused when I kicked them all out and replaced them with my own men.
>Currently we are in a parade going down an upper mid hive highway with the other regiments to ensure the citizens everything is fine.
>Don’t even think these people really know who we are or what we’ve done.

>At least we’re getting back up from the local regiment.
>They all seam pretty weird, having this thing about exposing their foreheads, either covering it with bandanas or helmets.
>Many of them are also bald.
>I guess every regiment has their quirks.
>Who am I to judge?

>Either way after the parade this should be a nice and simple assignment, with few surprises…
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Jumpchain CYOA Thread #5522: Double Dubs Edition

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So what justifications did you guys come up with when you included scantily-clad female warriors as a part of your setting?
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Sanguinius's wings

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Is there any consensus to the "kind" of or shape wings sanguinius has? If I recall correctly short but wide/thick wings (as in short wingspan) are better for agility while long and thin wings are better for staying in the air long and catching updrafts without using much energy (think albatross).

GW seems to have made him quite agile but also given him long thin classic angel wings but I don't think anyone see him with seagull wings. So far osprey, swan/goose and pigeon seem like the best match.

White rock pigeons and swans have the angelic look but it might just be the color rather than the shape. Osprey seems likely given it looks autistic when folded in a way that sort of matches the exaggerated look when winged characters are draw with their wings down.Crow seem like it would be too ironic but also turned out to be short and stubby anyway. Magpie looks elegant but again too stubby.
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New warhammer video from flashgits just came out.
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Was he right?

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>GM punishes player for picking the wrong race
>GM punishes player for picking the wrong class
>GM punishes player for picking the wrong "anything really"

did you guys had this shit happen to you too? I remmember playing a thief class char. only for the GM to punish me even tho I didn't steal...or just playing as a necromancer in general (even if good)
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Would you take a bite, /tg/?
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Games where the party can do this?
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