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Do your fucking job

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Do it
And do it for free

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/tg/, I request absurd and bonkers powers/abilities.
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Does Yuki-Onna, the Absolute Zero Mayakashi need to get a nerf thanks to today's meta of relying on the graveyard for so much of its game play? She seems to be way too strong.

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>Agree to play in Spelljammer-esque Space Fantasy setting.
>Notice majority of alien NPCs are women.
>No lewding, game literally just treats it as fact that only humans have a 1:1 male:female gender ratio.
>Call DM on this shit.
>DM just says he likes monstergirls
Can you imagine a cringier DM?
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What makes the spear the quintessential weapon of choice for the archetypal human fighter?
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Where do you like to draw the line on historical accuracy for your elf games?
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Heroes of the Tabletop gaming world

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This board sucks

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Everyone is below 90 iq and mentally ill. It has recycled the same inane thread formulas, jokes and responses for over a decade.

>hurr durr no games
>hurr durr 5e bad
>hurr durr tee hee macaroni
>hurr durr new thing bad
>hurr durr spy bear pasta
>hurr durr kys frogspammer

This is the single dumbest board on this site. I find it hard to believe people on here have the mental capacity to even fill in a character sheet let alone play a TTRPG.

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What is the weirdest and/or most offensive lore you would dare to put into your game?
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