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Why do warhammerfags love AI slop?

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What are the most notable changes in traditional games in the last seven years?
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>Trying to justify swords in a sci fi setting
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ITT: NPC opinions

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>Warhammer is my favorite setting
>Lovecraft was racist
>Gloomhaven is the best board game
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>This is my character. She's is an absolute BADASS who isn't scared of anyone.
>She's at the bar outdrinking everyone with a look that says DONT MESS WITH ME

share old shit from old /tg/ to remember how long this place has been around

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also pour one out for the realist admin this site has ever known!
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"Have you tried not playing D&D?"


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>Girl joins our online group
>wants to play an animal character 50% of the time
Can somebody explain this phenomenon?

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how do you give a reasonable and immersive explanation for the extremely high libido brown dark elves have? What consequences does this have on their cultures and societies as well as interactions with other peoples?
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Why does their mere existense turn /pol/chuds to screeching seethe and make them fantasise about righteous mud peasant murder squads? Is that because they haven't read any fantasy aside from Tolkien?
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