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stop falling in love with evil women
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How do you handle chuds, incels and chudcels at your table whom have wrong opinions?
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I will NEVER submit to the subversion of D&D
I will NEVER submit to the basedification of the hobby
I will NEVER submit to the SJW censorship of my game, destroying the hobby's culture
I will NEVER submit to D&D becoming Fantasy Seattle Tranny Prom Simulator
I will NEVER submit to WoTC undermining the true spirit of D&D and western civilization
I will NEVER submit to seeing niggers in every sourcebook I've bought
I will NEVER submit to the shills who tell us "homebrewing" is a cure to cultural subversion
I will NEVER submit to what (((they))) want!!!
Who's with me?

/40kg/ - Warhammer 40,000 General

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Does your setting have strong female characters that can beat the shit out of males?
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How do you manage your cucks to dykes ratio? I've already tried not running Pathfinder so that's not the issue. I just keep getting way off balanced in one direction or the other. If the game is all cucks they are alright generally unless a woman is anywhere nearby, but if even one dyke joins they go completely to shit instantly and start up the cuck supplication olympics like crazy. Then the game is ruined until you get at least 80% dykes to one or two cucks, at which point the cucks will be mostly ignored and eventually kicked out of the game, but then of course your game is full of women who are so stupid that they would lie about being lesbians for attention.
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my issue with freakshit is that it's not freaky ENOUGH. Muh elves, muh furshit muh whatever. I don't care if it's cool, wacky or whatever. If you call me standard for playing a human wizard while you play a fucking furfag character. I WILL call you a pretentious hipster who is afraid of doing anything actually weird.

I had a rarely-used Reddit account banned for mocking Strixhaven.

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Someone all the D&D subs banned me at the same time, I guess they use the same trannie jannie to sweep things up. They said only bigots can't handle WoTC's new direction.
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making humans the most powerful species in any scifi / fantasy world never makes for an interesting setting. Even worse if it is just about military might
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Wow, how red is your asshole right now you flaming trans nigger mods?
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