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Is Divinity 3 any good?

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I've never been too into the Divinity series but I keep hearing people talk about Divinity 3: Baldur's Gate, so I was wondering if it's any good? What's the subtitle "Baldur's Gate" referring to anyways? Is it set in the Sword Coast?
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Human Male Fighter Whitebros...I thought we were better than this.
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What is the best way to insert Magical Realm bullshits into historically inspired Medieval Authentic (tm) campaigns while maintaining reasonable versimilitude?

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Why can't I make a game that's for men only?
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Why come up with different fantasy races when humans can already fulfill every role that matters?
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I feel brown dark elves have been getting a lot of unfair heat lately. They're a classic variation on dark elves and deserve to be recognized.
What's your favorite take on them? Do you feature them in your games? Do you include them alongside other types of dark elves?
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What have you done this month to move the hobby forward from it’s problematic past?
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Armor Class

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How historically accurate are armor in D&D 5e?
The answer may shock you.

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I can't believe this shit was a thing

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what's the point of playing humans in a fantasy setting where you can play a magical race? at this point why playing fantasy RPGs altogether, no? if you like humans so much, then play a game with only humans.
but then again i could tolerate this utter lack of creativity and lame personality if not for the fact that poltards do it on purpose, as some kind of political statement. what the fuck is wrong with them?
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