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Is the bikini armor even a controversy at this point? Zoomers are so collectively horny that I feel like it has swung back into full motion alongside many "sexy thing bad" complaints that had mostly advanced enough for these things to be actively eliminated from western media.

This does make me think, though, about how it's not the only thing that was actively looked down upon in the fantasy genre, tabletop hobbies and videogames in general, because you see a lot of "return to form" games like the entirety of the OSR movement attracting a lot of younger people, or D&D 4e having a resurgence in popularity among newly-seasoned players who were not around for the controversy and have looked at it from a more objective standpoint.

Are there more examples of this phenomenon?
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A Challenge /tg/

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Try to change my mind. Some opening arguments:
>Why would a bunch of faggy liberal arts graduates make the Kike standin be a villainous faction?
>High Elves are outright stated to not engage in merchantry for a profit but to engage in political subversion, which is the very definition of Happy Merchantry.
>It's High Elves that have the Intrigue (Subversion) at court mechanic.

/slop/ - AI Art

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The Beast edition

Prev: >>90637044

▶ Bonus:

▶ /slop/ prompts & styles
Monster manual
>Highly detailed watercolor concept art, sketches, book page, scientific drawings, text at top of page reading "[Subject Name]", larger central colored image of [Subject Description], [Background description], bookmark, Monster Manual
Tabletop miniature
>A highly detailed plastic wargame miniature professionally painted in bright colours standing on a small base. <Character prompt> It stands on a gaming table.
Tarot card
>stylized <arcana name> tarot card "<number>" written on the top, "<arcana name>" is written, <arcana name> tarot card, colored, <description>.
darkest dungeon style (inconsistent)
>in the style of a character from darkest dungeon. he is in the ruins, facing to the right, heavy shadows. Screenshot of "darkest dungeon" on PC.
Character sheet
>a high quality full-view top-to-bottom D&D character sheet with a small portrait space showing a <description>, name is "<name>", many roleplaying game stat blocks and several scrawled words
classic BnW D&D style
>High contrast. Dark lighting. Black and white pulp magazine illustration 1960's. Photocopy dithering
HOMM1 style
>heroes of might and magic 1 low resolution retro DOS screenshot pixel art
>chibi anime art style

▶ Styles
>oil painting
>acrylic painting
>black&white ink
>*game engine* screenshot
>*decade* movie (poster)
>album cover (genre or decade)
>illuminated manuscript
>baroque/renaissance/dadaist painting
>pixel art
>circa (year)
>Kodachrome (or other film type)
>low quality film (or other film descriptor)

▶ Perspectives
>Eye Level Shot
>Low Angle Shot
>High Angle Shot
>Hip Level Shot
>Knee Level Shot
>Ground Level Shot
>Shoulder Level Shot
>Dutch Angle Shot
>Overhead Shot
>Aerial Shot
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How do we save western fantasy from DnD shit?
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>currently smoking: Stanwell Pipe of the Year, plus, Argento Root

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Why are paladins always portrayed as handsome blonde-haired blue-eyed men in shining armor?
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Seriously what the fuck is this?
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When did D&D stop being about killing monsters and taking their stuff and start being about bad playacting?
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Sorry Looneytroon you aren't allowed to play in my rpg game until you get your life together and stop pretending to be a woman irl. Save the make believe for games you stinky retard!