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5Toubun no Hanayome

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Seeing how Nino has completely failed at both her conquest and also at developing in any way for nearly 120 chapters, being a static comedic relief the whole way through. Is there any room for her to grow the fuck up before the story is over?
I say the only possible scenario for that to happen is one where she hooks up with some dreamy bad boy she didn't know at all and only then learns first hand why there is a "bad" in bad boy the first time she tries backtalking him and his buddies. By the time they leave her behind and pregnant without even knowing which one even is the dad she will already have gotten beaten to a pulp enough times to have learned her place and stop being a petty cunt to other people.
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When you look at Nino Nakano, what's the first thing your eyes are drawn to?
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>there are still people who argue Madoka x Homura isn't canon
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Dragon Ball Super

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Place your bets on the new arc's universe and synopsis
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Dragon Ball Super

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Sketches any minute now
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why did she lose?
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5Toubun no Hanayome

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Well, /a/, I have to admit it. Nino is pretty swell. Arguably best girl, even, but I like them all. Her character design is really good, at least in the manga. I really wish the anime had better character designs, they look like shit compared to the manga. Negi's designs for the girls look so much better.
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Which loli is the best looking loli?
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How is this body type called?
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