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Higurashi Sotsu

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I think Passione is having a little bit TOO much fun animating the show.
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The most reposted images on /a/

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Would you, /a/?
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Mami says hello.
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Wonder Egg Priority

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>Be teacher
>Tell your loser student she has pretty eyes
>Falls for your dick
Are JC really THAT easy?
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New chapter today
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Dragon Ball Super

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Alright, why is Vegito about to punch you? What'd you do?
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Bort (Boruto): Nart (Naruto) Next Generations

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Thoughts on this?
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Mods are faggots for allowing entry level Shonen garbage here on /a/. Before /a/ would self moderate and keep the undesirables away from /a/, but then all the crybabies complained so moot and that faggot /pol/shitter mod RapeApe made it so that the retards could make as many Shonen garbage threads as they want.

/a/ is now literally no different from /v/ or /tv/. The same retarded crossboarders now come here to flood the board with generic shonen and rampant shitposting. They now feel empowered in their shitposting because the faggot mods not only have given them all the ammunition to do so, but the mods even encourage it and participate in it. The fucking mods contribute to the cancer that's killing /a/ and all of 4chan.

Want proof? Look no further than the 24/7 Dragon Ball Super threads full of turbo mode autism when general posting should only be allowed on /vg/ or the the Hunter x Hunter shitposters who invade other threads and derail all discussion with off topic shitposts. Then you have the SnKfags who are clearly just /tv/ crossboarders, then the MHAfags who are literally just the zoomer version of Narutards, the faggots that /a/ self moderated to keep away and that moot and RapeApe started appeasing and causing this board to go to shit.

This board is fucking garbage now because the mods are all a bunch of faggots who refuse to acknowledge their faults and will instead just bury all criticism by just moving all threads to /qa/ where dissenting opinion is drowned out in a sea of 24/7 wojakposting.

Go ahead and ban me mods. I don't give a fuck. By banning me or moving my thread to /qa/, you're only gonna prove me right. Go ahead and fucking do it. I'll just screencap my post and use it as a reminder to everyone that you're all a bunch of fucking newfags who were originally from discord that are completely out of touch with the userbase that's been here longer than any of you.

Go fuck yourself.
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