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post kino scenes in anime

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for me its the whole gotou arc

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So uh... he just jerked himself off about muh ideals for thousands of years?
Then he realized it was stupid and tried to kill himself?
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So, how's /a/ doing tonight?
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Why can't most anime be like this?

>no fanservice
>no looney-tunes caricatural faces whenever something funny happens
>realistic bodies and faces
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If Fire Punch gets adapted into an anime by a studio that actually cares about quality and keeping the cinematic feeling, it will have cultural signifigance on par with Evangelion
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Love Live

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Today is Mari Ohara’s birthday! Shiny!
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Describe this creature.
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Does /a/ like their elves with a little spice?
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You would have taken the opportunity and you know it.
moralfags are a bunch of hypocrites
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Were the Keions ever actually friends or just acquaintances who played music with each other?
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