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H-hello everyone
My name is Chino Kafuu
and My favorite drink is coffee
Nice to meet you...
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Ayakashi Triangle - Chapter 48 "The Girls and the Hiderigami"

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Lelouch is GAR. Luffy is a faggot.

Set fail for One Piece.

Vote Lelouch.
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ITT: Just fuck already, you two!

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pic related
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Can a nigger be a jew as well?
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Okay guys, here's an idea.

How about for SaiGAR, they at least put a Picture and descrption of each character just so that everybody doesn't have to vote simply based on who they regognize.
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Zombie Land Saga Revenge

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How the fuck did Ai's body get burnt so badly to the point of being characoal? Lightning doesn't do that
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I liked, but at the same time didn’t. I don’t don’t know how to feel about it to be honest
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