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Machikado Mazoku

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Its Mazoku Time
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>People say that this is the best manga or even the greatest piece of fiction ever made
>Read over 100 chapters
>Literally written for babies and they tell you everything thats happening word for word like you are a fucking idiot
Did I get filtered? I genuinely dont understand why this is so loved. I know that it gets better and there's also some really cool lore and character moments but its too babyish. I just cant handle it and this is coming from a guy who's favourite movies/shows are made for kids
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Zombie Land Saga Revenge

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I can't believe it's almost over. Are we getting another season?
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Kumo Desu

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Baby Sophia is cute. CUTE!
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"Evangelion 3.0 (-120 min.)" manga live TL

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I'm gonna translate as much of this as I can in one sitting. Might get kinda hard.
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Fire Punch Volume 8 Continued

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Time for the final thread my niggers.

Volume 1: >>200158589
Volume 2: >>200193247
Volume 3: >>200228550
Volume 4: >>200267502
Volume 5: >>200306917 & >>200312892
Volume 6: >>200348989 & >>200354162
Volume 7: >>200383872 & >>200387409
Volume 8: >>200417676
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What comes to mind when you see this word?
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buck bros...
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Episode 11 in less than 10h. While we wait, who would make the best mother?

>With Kaijus finally gone, life goes back to normal. Meanwhile, the Eugenicists try to become productive members of society but Shizumu refuses to get a part-time job.
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