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Let's do one of these
Who is Fate WORST girl?
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How does /a/ feel about this idol?
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['s okay, It must've been really make you like this, Shirogane-kun.......I'm sorry it had to happen...]
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Sayaka and Akemi are literally the perfect couple.
Post the best anime couples of all time.

The plague of shit ending that ruins manga/anime

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In the last 5 years, like 90% of all the manga and series got a bad ending that literally ruined those series forever.
>TG:Re ended with a rushed mess
>YGO ArcV too
>there is no need to explain what happened to SnK
>wonder egg priority went shit
>DBSuper is such a shitty sequel that compared to it, DB GT is a masterpiece
>Anno delivered a shitty final movie with a boring meta ending that basically scream "Stop liking EvA" instead of just delivering a good(and coherent) ending once for all
>Shokugeki no Souma got a joke of an ending that maibe only shippers liked it
>Kengan Ashura had a good ending but, retcons or not, got ruined by the sequel that at this point is just shitpost material
>Higurashi is a shitty ending too that ruined the original, same with what Madoka's sequels
Seriously, is like that there is a Epidemic between mangaka and writers that infect them and turn most of them into absolute Hacks. I get the "just enjoy the ride" doctor Sues's meme, but i would prefere having a nice ending that doesn't retroactively ruin my experience instead of a shitty ending that ruin everything and make me feel ashamed to like the manga/anime in the first place!
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How do you feel about the mesugaki archetype?
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Yuuki Yuuna • YuYuYu • Yuusha de Aru series

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Ready for piss patrol?
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Age Gap Romance

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Why did the trend die?
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Red or Blue?

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Weekend Waifu Drawthread

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