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what do you imagine the smell would be like, anon? I think apples, alcohol and semen
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>You are temporarily blocked from posting for violating /a/ 1 - Off-Topic, Anime/Manga Only.
This block will expire in 15 minutes.
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What was the purpose of this series?
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Boku no Hero Academia

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For what is set to be the most 'important match', what are your actual predictions for how Match 5 going to go down?
We have 3 established power players, and the the designated comic reliefs of each class in the same match. What could go wrong?
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Get up! It's your weekend K-On! thread!
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>Black Clover is bad because...
>... it just is, OKAY?!
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>It's not a shounen, it's soft seinen
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Quintessential Quintuplets' Negi Haruba Recruits Assistant for New Series

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Look out Japan! The king of Romcom is back in town!

>Manga creator Negi Haruba is recruiting assistants on the Ganmo manga artist and assistant matching service for a new serialized manga that will run in Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine. The assistant will be expected to do screentones, inking, and backgrounds.
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5Toubun no Hanayome

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Seeing how Nino has completely failed at both her conquest and also at developing in any way for nearly 120 chapters, being a static comedic relief the whole way through. Is there any room for her to grow the fuck up before the story is over?
I say the only possible scenario for that to happen is one where she hooks up with some dreamy bad boy she didn't know at all and only then learns first hand why there is a "bad" in bad boy the first time she tries backtalking him and his buddies. By the time they leave her behind and pregnant without even knowing which one even is the dad she will already have gotten beaten to a pulp enough times to have learned her place and stop being a petty cunt to other people.
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