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Are Japanese women really into shota stuff?
The shear amount of shota content that comes out of Japan tells that they are
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>villain gets away with murdering MC's dog and kissing his woman
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Nagi no Asukara - final thread

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It's the last chance ever to discuss which Nagi no Asukara character was best girl, and why it was Miuna.

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Convince me why I should watch Yugioh with subs instead of dubs.
Hard mode:
>No censorship as a reason
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Read Usagi drop.
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ITT Western materials perfect for anime adaptation

Anything goes
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If you like Shitjutsu Shitsen your Hunterchad credentials will be revoked.
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Why is it still so good after all these years?
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Love Live: Nijigasaki High School Idol Club

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Our 13-episode cour has ended. What was your favorite moment? How high would you rate the anime? What do you want from a potential season 2? Are you gonna play ALL-STARS now?
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