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This man slaps your girlfriend on the ass. What do you do?
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Laura Dern??!

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The mind boggles.

My wife has been watching F is for Family and I haven't been pointing my head at it, but it's on in the same room as me, and the mom, I think her name is Sue, sounds exactly like Beth from Rick and Morty.

But I investigated and the mom from Rick and Morty is voiced by the blonde chick from Scrubs and Sue is voiced by Laura Dern!

Why do blonde women sound exactly the same? Are they from the same region? Same state? Town? Are they related?

Animation Domination General #1: Wrong Sounding Carls Edition

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Disney's Animation Domination™ continues to contactlessly serve you fresh and totally original all-new episodes of your favorite shark-jumped animated sitcoms that seriously need to get fucking cancelled so help me god. Really FOX (a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Corporation™), come on, JUST DO IT ALREADY.


>Why does Marge sound like that now?
She has as much enthusiasm voicing for the show as you do watching it.

The schedule is as follows:
>8:00/7:00c - OUR MARRIAGE IS ON THE ROCKS - I, Carumbus (NEW): At a museum exhibit of Ancient Rome, Marge and Homer get into an argument.

>8:30/7:30c - Mess the Sharts - The Last Supper (NEW): A new restaurant leaves Greenpoint and the Last Supper in fear of financial ruin.

>9:00/8:00c - Phil's Pennes - Worms of In-Rear-Ment (NEW): Linda efforts to take her family to the symphony are thwarted by a pinworm epidemic.

>9:30/8:30c - Padre de Familia y Bebé - The Talented Mr. Stewie (NEW): Stewie breaks up with Rupert after learning that he used to belong to Chris.
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ITT: Beautiful mistakes
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Toonami General #1

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Official Win-O'-Thread

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>What is this thread?
Every Wins'day at Win-O'-Clock we gather here and post links to the latest scans and rips of comic books.
Most links we uploaded ourselves, others we are sharing from elsewhere.
Some comics we've even purchased ourselves (but most we didn't).
If you'd like to help out, just ask and we would be delighted to tell you how.
Otherwise, be patient, be polite, and understand the simple concept behind these words: Not posted means not available yet.

>Where can I find old Win-O'-Threads?'-Thread/'-Thread/
(Note: This finds the OP for old threads. If you want to search for comics in the archive, clear the subject field!)

>Where can I find downloads for other comics?
Warez forums/blogs, DDL-indexing search engines (like FilesLoop), torrent trackers (like ETTV) and other P2P networks (like DC++).
If a link has been posted on 4chan, you can search for it in the Desu archive (add "http*" to searches to return only posts with links).
If all else fails, just >buy it.

>Where can I buy comics?
On the various publishers' webstores, and at your local comics shop.

>Where can I find an LCS?

>Where can I find out when new comics are released?

>How do I download from websites that only give me .exe files?
Untick the checkbox under the download button.

>How can I find this thread every week?
If you are using the inline extension go to or use the option under "Filters & Post Hiding".
If you have 4chanX go to Settings > Filter > Subject and add the following line:
/Official Win-O'-Thread/;highlight

>And last but not least
Find-O is kill, Win-O is dead
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>School only has two teachers and just one class
>Literally less than 60 people inhabit Paris
>Not a single muhammad, implying they have all been deported

Guys, I think Miraculous Ladybug is set in a post-corona Paris
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