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/weg/ - Western Erotic Games

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Gobbincidence Edition

3DCG Games / Betas / Demos:

2D games [Completed]

2D games [In Development]

Text Based Games[complete and in development]

Other Resources / Game Development Links:

Abandonded pastebins:

Previous thread: >>3979105
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Pole dance thread

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No videogame characters, only animated characters
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/wedg/ - The Wedgie Thread

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Big Edit thread

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For any edits that are more complex (ie: removing / redrawing huge portions of a pic)

>if your edit will take more than 30 minutes, try the big edit thread. You don't have to delete the post but cross link to the other thread
>No one is entitled to a request delivery.
>Do not make more than one request. When your request is delivered to your satisfaction, you can ask for something new. Do not second or bump other requests.
>Show appreciation, not "in advance".
>Don't fight spam with spam and/or trolling. But if you must, link it to an imgur post to save the image limit.
>Troll deliveries of any kind cannot be justified, no matter what.
>Screencap edits belong in a different thread
>To make the new Big Edit thread, wait for page 10 or Image limit.
>Have fun!

>Collection of Deliveries:
/aco/ Edit

Last big edit thread: >>3905689
Colour and Tiny Edits Thread: >>3928737

>Download the latest version of Adobe Photoshop to do simple coloring/edits yourself, post the results in the thread or for assistance:
>For cracks, look for "GenP" for Windows, and "Zii 4" for Mac.

>If an image is too low quality/resolution, you can try using Waifu2x to upscale it
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/aco/ 3D Animation General #169

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"Back to Normal?" Edition

Previous thread >>3981478

Compendium of Western 3dx (Not Mine): https://pastebin.com/nTB0UGCA

This is a series of interlinked threads which are intended to create a common space for discussing published and upcoming Western 3D Animations, and their Animators. While this thread is focused on Western 3D Animation, you’re welcome to discuss and compare them to Eastern Animations/Animators, provided you don’t post content which mods would deem ‘Eastern’ in nature. If you wish to share or discuss that type of content alone, please locate the 3D Hentai General on >>>/h/, as it will be more to your liking.

Do not forget that the Global and Board-Specific Rules still apply, so you may discuss 3D Animators which produce bestiality, gore, etc but posting images of it is not allowed. Additionally, posting images or links to any underage content is strictly forbidden.

Anyone can start these threads and/or keep them going. This general is meant as a common place to meet and share content and opinions. Please keep the discussions civil and productive. If you don’t like a certain fetish, just ignore it (seriously, shut the fuck up). If you really enjoy an artist, then consider supporting them.
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/aco/ General Drawthread

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>Provide references and keep them to one image/post.
>Be patient and take it easy! Don't forget to check the boorus first to see if your request was fulfilled.
>Drawfriends, don't hold back.
>Keep art critiques short.
>To make the new drawthread, wait for page 10 or Image limit.
>No one is entitled to a request delivery.
>Don't fight spam with spam.
>No begging.
>Have fun!

>Collection of Deliveries:
/co/ -http://the-collection.booru.org/
/v/ -http://vidyart.booru.org/

>Drawfriends' Gallery List:

Color/Edit Thread:>>3967216

Previous thread:>>3981877
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YouTuber Thread: 'Oh god, not this fucking bullshit again' edition.

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>Namefagging/Tripfagging for non-artists isn't allowed.
>No demanding/begging.
>Don't send Discord invites.
>Always link sources when possible.
>Don't be an idiot.
That is all. Rules may be changed for future threads, if necessary.
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Mini-Giantess Thread 3.0: No bitching edition

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Cause the last two threads were fucking great

7 to 20ish feet allowed
Just keep the theme
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/weg2D/ 2D Western erotic games general #42

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Coofing over edition

Welcome to the 2D western porn game general.

2D games [Completed] https://pastebin.com/GF2xYcba

2D games [In Development] https://pastebin.com/2fwRgn80
This general focuses only on 2D porn games, go to /weg/ to talk about 3DCG games.

/stg/ is to talk mainly about male domination oriented games. You can talk 2D there too but here you can talk about female MC (which are shit), futa (shit) and other fetishes not allowed there.

The pastebins are new and has few games, the anon who originally wrote this will keep updating periodically. Some anon will have to take care of the female protagonist games because I don't really play them and there are a lot of 2D male protag games I have to take care for.

Contributions by users are encouraged, so if you can post whatever game you want added in the format used in the pastebin.

previous thread:
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Nudism/Casual nudity/exhibitionism thread #4

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Let's take our clothes again, shall we ?
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