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JOI Thread: Witch tits edition

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Post 'em if you got 'em
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Sims Lewds

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Legoman Thread 50 *Linda Edition*

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Wow 50 threads guys

02° https://yuki.la/aco/122245
03° https://yuki.la/aco/227690
04° https://yuki.la/aco/266251
05° https://yuki.la/aco/343883
06° https://yuki.la/aco/418555
07° https://yuki.la/aco/476224
08° https://yuki.la/aco/729115
09° https://yuki.la/aco/907809
10° https://yuki.la/aco/1184472
11° https://yuki.la/aco/1225220
12° https://yuki.la/aco/1324146
13° https://yuki.la/aco/1454751
14° https://yuki.la/aco/1363593
15° https://yuki.la/aco/1549721
16° https://yuki.la/aco/1583045
17° https://yuki.la/aco/1622453
18° https://yuki.la/aco/1658029
19° https://yuki.la/aco/1718725
20° https://yuki.la/aco/1776743
21° https://yuki.la/aco/1866097
22° https://yuki.la/aco/1932096
23° https://yuki.la/aco/1969645
24° https://yuki.la/aco/2014404
25° https://yuki.la/aco/2113829
26° https://yuki.la/aco/2183685
27° https://yuki.la/aco/2266891
28º https://yuki.la/aco/2334324
29° https://yuki.la/aco/2370823
30° https://yuki.la/aco/2412596
31° https://yuki.la/aco/2444313
32° https://yuki.la/aco/2510857
33° https://yuki.la/aco/2597081
34° https://yuki.la/aco/2654849
35° https://yuki.la/aco/2698000
36° https://yuki.la/aco/2770332
37° https://yuki.la/aco/2824164
38° https://yuki.la/aco/2889012
39° https://yuki.la/aco/2944463
40° https://yuki.la/aco/2977630
41° https://yuki.la/aco/3027234
42° https://yuki.la/aco/3062289
43° https://yuki.la/aco/3107326
44° https://yuki.la/aco/3180462
45° https://yuki.la/aco/3286379
46° https://yuki.la/aco/3343211
47° https://yuki.la/aco/3434046
48° https://yuki.la/aco/3493091
49° https://yuki.la/aco/3536658

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/wst/ - Warhammer Smut Thread

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Previous Thread: https://desuarchive.org/aco/thread/3617589/

Smut Pastebin:

Smut Writing Tips for Aspiring Writefags

Warhammer 40,000 Book Collection

Warhammer Fantasy Book Collection


Smut for the Smut Throne! Writefaggotry Welcome!

Writefags, consider linking to pastebin or 1d4chan rather than dumping for long stories, so they do not get lost in between threads. Drawfags, feel free to post original art. People especially appreciate it when you give them meaningful feedback and criticism, so make sure to do so. It is simple, and both writefags and drawfags will love you for it. New pastebins are always included with each new thread that will have saved works and updated chapters.

>I'm interested in writing, but I don't know where to start!
Write down whatever comes to your mind and post them in the thread. If you want help on a story, you can ask the people here to get you out of that writer's block. However as stated above, if your in-thread writing gets too long, you need to put it all in a pastebin and link it.

>What happened to /tg/'s Weekend Smut Threads?
/tg/ used host their weekend smut threads years ago, but some anons were against it, believing smut threads to be not "true" /tg/ or disliking erotic fanfiction in general. As a result, any smut thread was spammed with so many shitposts that the threads stopped all together. More specifically, threads were banned because the shitposters kept ban-evading and spammed false threads all day long. As a result, the mods gave up and set the threads tagged with '/wst/' on autosage. This is not exclusive to /tg/, however. Many other boards like /v/, /tv/, and /co/ had anons shitposting in order to purge writers.

In any case, enjoy! Remember to play nice.
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/aco/ Commission Thread

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Adventure Time

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Previous thread:
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/plant/ General

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/Plant/ General.
dick sucking deku lips edition.

*New PASTEBIN* Contains all the plant Stories we have so far

previous thread
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This board need more Elsa and Anna!
So frozen thread, no futa or /d/ shit. Bonus points for elsanna!
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Muscle girls and fit girls (no hypermuscle, please)

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/aco/ Big Edit Thread

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For any edits that are more complex (ie: removing / redrawing huge portions of a pic)

>if your edit will take more than 30 minutes, try the big edit thread. You don't have to delete the post but cross link to the other thread
>No one is entitled to a request delivery.
>Do not make more than one request. When your request is delivered to your satisfaction, you can ask for something new. Do not second or bump other requests.
>Show appreciation, not "in advance".
>Don't fight spam with spam and/or trolling. But if you must, link it to an imgur post to save the image limit.
>Troll deliveries of any kind cannot be justified, no matter what.
>Screencap edits belong in a different thread
>To make the new Big Edit thread, wait for page 10 or Image limit.
>Have fun!

>Collection of Deliveries:
/aco/ Edit

Last thread: >>3595841
Coloring thread: >>3595808

>Download the latest version of Adobe Photoshop to do simple coloring/edits yourself, post the results in the thread or for assistance:
>For cracks, look for "GenP" for Windows, and "Zii 4" for Mac.

>If an image is too low quality/resolution, you can try using Waifu2x to upscale it
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