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Holo/Spice and Wolf v20

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VR Edition

We're getting a VR anime due to arrive next year! There's little info as of yet, but it's supposed to have a movie mode for those of you who don't like or own VR. The anime's original VA's are also stated to return.
Apparently this is the team's workaround since the anime rights are in limbo, so they're trying something new and a bit innovative.
What are your hopes and dreams for Spicy VR?

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Hi, I'd like to ask your guys' help on one thing.

Recently there's been lots of cash-grab games released on Steam with stolen artwork, and I've been doing my best identifying the original artists and informing them that their work is being used without permission.
But there is one game with which I've hit a rock.
According to page itself the artist is "Loki" but I haven't had luck finding anybody using that nickname who is drawing in style similar to the one that game uses.
Not to mention that the backgrounds they are showing use totally different style, which leads me to further believe that these are stolen.
I've already scoured boorus with all combinations of tags that I could think of but had no luck, which leads me to believe that these are stolen from Deviantart or Twitter, which makes searching all the more annoying.

So yeah, not really traditional /c/ thread, but if you could help with identifying the original artist, I'd really appreciate it.
And if it turns out that their work is being used without permission, they'd be happy to be informed about it as well.

(モンスタ) Monster Girls Thread

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Touhou thread #19

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Keep the cuteness going!

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Minami Shimada Thread #2

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Such a great tsun. Easy god tier
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Marisa Kirisame

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Post cute Marisa
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Misaki Thread

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Random Images

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Random images thread!
Post cute stuff ( ◠_◠)
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Sakura Matou Thread #9

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Sakura-clones also welcome.
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Abyssal Girls Thread (Kantai Collection/KanColle)

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Wake up admiral!
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