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Yui Hirasawa Thread CLXXIV

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Valentine's is coming up real fast - what a way to go into Yui thread 174!

On a different note, the original thread 174 surprisingly 404ed. In all my time here I don't recall ever seeing a Yui thread 404 - /c/ is getting more crowded. It was also a really uncanny timing - in the original thread Tenshiro announced his desire to move on from making Yui threads and asked for someone to take his place. Long story short, I offered to for Yui, and here we are. I wanna thank Tenshiro once again for starting these threads during the past four years. They've been treasured by all of us! For the near future I think we'll need to figure out a way to move on with the thread archives to keep those going. Other than that, let's just keep on as we always have to give our dear angel Yui the love and attention she deserves!

Thread Archive:

Thread 173: >>2813203
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Tainaka Ritsu Thread #87

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Megumin Thread #4

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*waiting for the third season* Edition
Again, let's post some nice bakuretsu's :)

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Aqua Thread

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Aqua is cute! Post some Aqua.
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Other Eva cuties #3

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This thread is to welcome all of the Eva ladies outside the main girls who almost always have dedicated threads (Asuka and Rei) so feel free to post any Eva girls here!

Also ITT, soft pink! Or any worksafe shoujo ai between Eva cuties.
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Suzumiya Haruhi thread #94

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Previous thread: >>2812304
Old threads:
Info-dump of the series:
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Kantai Collection / KanColle General

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Karen Kujou / Kinmoza UltraThread #2

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Apart we are weak, but together we are strong! Come together, allies of the kinpatsu, so our thread may last as long as others in the realm!
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Umaru thread sponsored by Coca-Cola. Taste the feeling...of a happy nugget.
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Junko Enoshima

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A thread for the Mary Sue Despair Queen!
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