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Waifu Thread #95

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Considering the contrast of waifu and her role during the Great Waifu War compared to peace time and her role in the present.
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Anne Takamaki thread #69

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Previous: >>3532316
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Fire Emblem Three Houses

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FE3H thread. This game has so many cute girls
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Bang Dream!

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Any and all girls welcome, I need to expand my folder.
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Rem #25

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The 25th thread from zero.
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Nanachi Thread #24

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Thread fucking died out of nowhere edition.

Previous Thread:
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Asuka thread 120

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Continuation of >>3486395

Go forth and post this fireball cutie
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Megumin Thread #22

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Zero Two (Code:002), Hir02, Hime, Strelizia, etc. #31

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