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/ttg/- Tiktok General

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2008-2012 internet

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Post webm remember your feeling in "old" night on internet
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Japanese Idol Thread

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Seasonal Anime

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Only currently airing anime and from the previous season.

Previous thread
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Dodger Thread #194: Obsession

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Alright PressFart. You want a response? Here's your response.

You were not banned from the obvious variety of channels for "doxxing" me. We have no proof of that aside from the accounts of many people who frequent the same forums as you.

You were banned for being an asshole. You were an attention-seeking, pushy, obnoxious, disrespectful asshole over and over and over and over again.

A little over a year ago when you started spamming my videos with accusations about my personal life and demanding answers it was the first time I ever felt scared of my viewerbase. I literally wanted to stop doing YouTube. I couldn't handle the fact that you were able to get people to fall in line with you and demand the same things. "How on earth can these people that claim to care about me and watch my videos be so awful when I'm obviously hurting and depressed?"

"Dodger I was just worried about you." Bullshit.

I have never felt less like a human being in my life. It was shocking to me.

But guess what? I let you stay on my channel. Why? Because I'm an idiot. I kept saying "he's just a fan. He's a fan who cares too much and who probably needs help and there's no reason."

Over time you wouldn't stop. You demanded to interact with me (through a variety of my friends and family) and accused me of things that were so baffling and frustrating that I finally determined you were cancerous to my community and I banned you. I banned you for being a dick.

THEN you started spamming the chat rooms of streams I'm on and guess what? The mods got annoyed with you and then THEY banned you. SHOCK.

You've attacked many people I surround myself with out of a skewed sense of justice for yourself. You've attacked ME verbally and I know that to be true beyond a shadow of a doubt.

You've contacted someone's ex to dig up dirt on them. Disgusting.

Take the time you've spent putting together your army and get yourself some help. Now.

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people sperging out at video games thread
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Queen of /r9k/
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it's my birthday today 21, post mashups / remixes

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Give me your best GF simulators
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Video/Vidya Game Music

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