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ASMR General

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Post videos that give you tingles
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Hyperborea Thread

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Focus your Vril.
Stop watching porn.
Eternal struggle is eternal growth.
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Only post music that gives you a feeling of melancholy
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Coolest Webm's ever. Like epic, testosterone full, hated by losers and trannies webm's.
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Anime thread 14

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Anything and everything Warhammer related.
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Anti zoomer thread

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Boomer vs Zoomer music thread
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Webms with sound for other boards

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Lockdown Thread

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>Be Basedfag in small town leafland
>Big anti-lockdown protest in town
>Teacher pet senses tingling
>Opportunity to impress daddy Trudeau
>Take pictures of neighbors at protest
>Send them to leaf health authorities
>Demand their employers fire them
>Brag about brave exploits on Facebook
>Half the town wants me dead
>Cozy job at weed shop in question
>But I followed all the rules!
>Pretend to have covid from the rally, notice me CBC
>Maybe harassment will stop now?
>It dont
>Lay off guys. SEriously.
>Get what you fucking deserve
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4chan related webms
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