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Shadman thread

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Honestly have no other place to post this but has anyone been following Shad on Twitter? I swear he becomes more of a faggot every day. General discussion thread to talk about his behavior as of late and to post his old stuff.
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/wsg/ - Warhammer Smut General

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Previous Thread:

/tg/ & /wsg/ Smut Archive

/wsg/ Writing Prompts

Warhammer 40,000 Reading Collection

Warhammer Fantasy Reading Collection

Warhammer Audiobooks & Audio Drama Websites


Writefags, link your work in-thread so it can be added to the archive instead of posting for long stories (e.g. This is to prevent them from getting lost between threads. Drawfags, feel free to post original art. People especially appreciate it when you give them meaningful feedback and criticism, so make sure to do so. It is simple, and both writefags and drawfags will love you for it.

>I'm interested in writing, but I don't know where to start!
Write. Write. Write. The links are there for a reason. The more you read, the more comfortable you'll be creating a story of your own. For any more questions, check the 'Writing Resources' post below or simply post a question in the thread.

>What happened to /tg/'s Weekend Smut Threads?
/tg/ used host their weekend smut threads years ago, but some anons were against it, believing smut threads to be not "true" /tg/ or disliking erotic fanfiction in general. As a result, any smut thread was spammed with so many shitposts that the threads stopped all together. More specifically, threads were banned because the shitposters kept ban-evading and spammed false threads all day long. As a result, the mods gave up and set the threads tagged with '/wst/' on autosage. This is not exclusive to /tg/, however. Many other boards like /v/, /tv/, and /co/ had anons shitposting in order to purge writers.

In any case, enjoy!
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ENF Thread #62

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(Magical Hijinks Edition)

ENF = Embarrassed Nude Females
EUF = Embarrassed Undressed Females

Old Thread: >>5675294

Previous ENF Threads Archive:

MEGA Anons Archive of Rookie's Comics:

ENF Stories Collection:
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All Movies/Television Edit Thread 44

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A thread where all edits (requests and posts) can be found and asked for.

All kinds of requests goes here:
Movie or TV screencaps (comics, hentai, anime, cartoon, etc.).

Please to remind you again, that this is a screenshot edit thread, not a redraw thread so keep that in mind.

THREAD GUIDELINES (New Guidelines as of Screenshot Edit Thread 37) :

1. Provide references for requested characters and keep them to one image/post. Please pick out high quality and res pictures.
2. Anime screenshots, comic panels from books and tv are allowed to be requested and edited too
3. Requests must have highest resolution/HD quality reference images that are NOT BLURRY. Anything made in 2010 and later should be in at least 720p or higher. You're allowed to crop so long as the image was already in it's highest resolution/HD quality. (No shotas or lolis)
4. Be clear on what characters you want edited along with details.
5. No line/sketch illustrations as requests.

Previous thread >>5632220
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Outfits or something, I don't know.
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Anything new of mangma11
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Bimbos & Bimboficiation

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Hyper feminine, utterly wonderful.
Post bimbos, bimbo transformations, bimbo stories, all that.

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Open the Curtains
Lights on
Dont miss a moment of this Lobotomy Corporation/Library of Ruina/Limbus Company thread
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Adventure Time

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Distant Lands will end in September. A Fionna and Cake spin-off will premiere soon.
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Total Drama Edits

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A place where all known Total Drama Edits happens. But of course, there are rules to follow:

>Provide a screen cap of higher quality as much as possible
>Anything porn related are allowed, even chicks with dicks!
>No weird fetishes allowed such scating, or voring
>If you want to post some gay material go to this thread /y/
>Be patient and take it easy!
>Have fun! ;)
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