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Castration and penectomy

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Or more like results of it. Futa, shemales and fembois welcome.
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Haven't been here for a while. Didn't see a thread for corruption, so why not make one?
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Bodysuit/Skinsuit/Kawamono Thread

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/conj/ -Conjoinment Thread

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I don't have much besides a few edits I made and saved from previous threads, so please try to contribute work to this thread!

No edition this time around, but anything is fine as long as it ain't nasty. I'll leave the specifics of that subjective term up to you all.
Oh and be nice or your mother will die in her sleep.
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Leaking edition
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Bodysuit/Skinsuit/Kawamono thread

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A thread for expansion/weight gain/inflation caused by potons/magic/machines etc.
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chill cord for MILF posting

Melting/Slime girl Thread?

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I haven't seen a thread with this topic in a while.

So why not start one.
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Hyperpreg; October or whatever

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Old thread got spergged to hell.

Keep this one on topic by having pictures in your posts. anything without pictures (or possibly linking to pictures) will be considered off topic.
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