Things seem to be stable now.... Have any BTC? 152LGvWZpkzieXDwNDnMSaodkBnE1KrYyQ

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/nitwg/ - Night in the Woods General

Lori by the tracks edition

Trust only this MEGA for the OST:!RQhxBZJA!u5Y781s6xWM3uSBPeFBxTQ

>Write Bin

>Art Booru
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/ZTG/ - Zootopia General: The Many Strange Places Nick Sleeps Edition

ZTG Creator List:

Archives: /
Previous thread:

Thematic Thursdays: (Suggestions are open until May. 29 00:00 PDT)
Previous Theme: Private Investigator / Freelance Detective
TT Archive:
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/TLHG/ - The Loud House General
Say Goodbye Edition




>Thread Archive:






>Paramount making The Loud House Movie due 2020

>New Books & DVD Announced

>The Loud House to introduce the Casagrande family and a character with Down Syndrome


Upcoming Episodes:

Back Out There (6/12)
>Clyde, worried that Lincoln is hung up on Ronnie Anne, decides to try and cure his post-breakup blues.

Fool's Paradise (6/13)
>The Loud family believes that they are safe from pranks on April Fool's Day, because prankster Luan is away at camp.

Potty Mouth (6/14)
>After hearing Lily curse, the siblings worry about being a bad influence, and become determined to change their behavior

L is for Love (6/15)
>When a love letter shows up at the house addressed only to ``L,'' the family tries to figure out the intended recipient

Relative Chaos (Monday/Memorial Day: 5/29)
>Ronnie Anne and Bobby visit their crazy, chaotic extended family. Bobby fits in great but Ronnie Anne struggles with the smothering nature of their relatives
Promo: [YouTube] The Loud House | The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos | Promo
Clips: |
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Hunger Games Thread

Let's continue...
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/sug/ - Steven Universe General

The future is bright yellow Edition

Last Thread: >>9564385

>Stuck Together

>4 new episodes for Memorial Day (May 29th)
>SU Soundtrack coming June 2nd, pre-order now
>"Keep Beach City Weird: You Can't Hide the Truth!!!" now available
>Art book "Art and Origins" available for pre-order
>Graphic novel "Anti-Gravity" available for pre-order

>Episode downloads
1080p alt and comics:
Comics, soundtracks, older 720p/1080p episodes:!Y5E0BKjK!UsE19rOYDa5Ttl5QRFwgtw
>Official airing schedule in EST (click to the right of the logo)

[LEAKS] (make sure to use spoiler tags)
>2 minute previews and screenshots from CN server
>Leakbot and other cool /sug/ stuff


>/sug/ writebin
>Archived threads
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/erp/ - Erotic Roleplay General

Mating press edition

Previous thread
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Can we get a pumping thread?

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/ftt/ - Fapping Together Thread

Post lewd and talk about fappin' n' schlickin'

Cute sexy rabbits edition

Old thread: >>9535049
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kpop and Momo's perfect tummy
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/trash/ Drawthread

Previous thread:

Edit, lineart and color thread: >>9424005

OC drawthread:

>How do I request?
-Start your post with "requesting" or "/r/".
-Provide references and names in a single image/post.
-Don't spam or bump your requests, idiot.
-Check the boorus to see if your request was done.

>What if I want to start drawing?
-Post a sample of your artwork and "taking requests".
-Mention what you prefer to draw.

>What else should I know?
-You free to post anything that gets done in for others to find later.
-New thread is made after the thread reaches the bump limit and reaches page 8.
-Ignore the resident shitposters and spammers.
-No " blacked " or deliveries, requests or edits(anything with black people) because they shit up the thread and fuck niggers.
-It's best to stop rerequesting after you've done it 40+ times, it's like that for a reason.
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