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CYOA Refuge Thread - A thread for posting any and all CYOAs unpostable in /tg/'s /cyoag/ (and occasionally ones that aren't).

>Previous thread:
>Alternative link:
>Other threads:

>/cyoag/'s CYOA archives and related resources:
Includes - but is not limited to - a F.A.Q. section, the personal archives of a number of authors, and an extensive Allsync archive that has both SFW and NSFW CYOAs.
If you're looking for a specific CYOA, it's suggested that you check those first.

And remember: Postnumbers aren't for rolling. If the CYOA calls for rolling of any sort (or you just feel like leaving something up to fate), use random.org (or https://www.wizards.com/dnd/dice/dice.htm, or physical dice, or something else that isn't your postnumber) to generate the number, and write it in the post with the rest of your build.
In short: Do the rolling before you post, instead of observing the postnumber you get.
CYOA exceeding 10 pages should be posted to an external site such as imgchest.com.

Final Days Edition
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/hmofa/ - Human Males On Female Anthros General #1439

Beak Job Edition


By Bed-Man
>New Wycademy Hunter (Ch. 2)

By alephkeller
>Assignment Risk (Ch. 4)

By Sample_Family
>Raised by Humans (Ch. 9)

By JacklinMauer
>Crawling Through a Sunset Oblivion (Ch. 5, 6, & 7)

By Toga
>On the Fringes (Ch. 26) [Slice of Life: Hanging Out]

By Anonymous
>Visiting a Friend
https://pastebin.com/EZPs0wxK (embed)

By Trashbin
>Trixi the Clown

By derrandumbthrowaway
>Stravalian Surprise (Ch. 23)

By DeadMimicked
>Price of Naivete - Ch. 1
>Price of Naivete - Prologue

By HerrKaluen
>To Rise Above the Clouds

By Anonymous
>Untitled Snoot Game Short

By Aabroskiaa

By Kaktus-nsfw
>How about those Spooky Spindly Shadowy Sinister Senoritas? (Ch. 31 [Cont. from "We could talk," Missy said. The plain suggestion threw him off."])

By ThisIsARealAccount
>Advent Provides (Ch. 15)

[ Story Masterbin ]:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uTaenno7gn5ZCX5X4NPCcWRqTa_U4d7rtOXZOMuIT0k
[ Wiki ]:https://hmofa.fandom.com/wiki//HMoFA/_Wiki
[ Writing Guides, Media, Misc. ]:https://docs.google.com/document/d/109iFskyibVgDFRRuuuTu1KkIeiVFICit_qBAgxl6deo

Previous Thread:https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/39602258
Missed a thread or two?:https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/text/hmofa/type/op/
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/ebt/ - Ebony Breeding Thread
Broken Twink Pelvis Edition
previous: https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/39205687/
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>she's already forgotten
Twitter mob has taken yet another artist.
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/trash/ Pokemon Drawthread
OCs and Fakemons (actual fakemons please like fusions and clovermons) are welcome too

For edits and colorings:

Our booru: http://trashdump.booru.org
- Feel free to post anything that gets done in the booru for others to find later.
- Taggers needed!

>How do I request?
- Start your post with "requesting" or "/r/".
- Provide names and image references in a single post.
- Don't spam or bump your requests.
- Check the booru to see if your request was done.
- Request edits in the thread for edits.

>What if I want to start drawing?
- Check these resources for beginners: https://pastebin.com/4CpXsY7a
- More resources if you need more help:
- Go here>>>/ic/ If you fell for the Loomis meme
- When asking for requests: Post a sample of your work and mention what you prefer to draw.
- Also ask for help in the Drawing Improvement/Progress Thread: >>>/trash/drawing
- Threadly reminder that you can always git more gud

>What else should I know?
- Don't respond to the spam. Just report and/or hide it and move on.
- When making a new thread, refrain from adding unnecessary rules to the OP. That's dumb.
Artist this pic: https://twitter.com/scruffythedeer
Previous thread: >>>https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/39187005
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/BLACKED/ General #1201 - Ice Queen of Spades Edition

>Previous Thread


>Slur Strokes/Earned Orgasms Program

>PMV Torrent

>Endchan boards

>l*li Board
6ch.moe/2dblacked (replace 6 with 8)

>InfinityChan Board
6ch.moe/interracial (replace 6 with 8)


>Discords, tutorials, templates, etc

Blacked Cards:
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/ftt/ - Fapping Together Thread
Post lewds and talk about fappin' and schlickin'

Fall into temptation edition

Previous >>40385472
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Furry JOI/JOE/Caption Thread #237
(Jerk Off Instructions, Encouragement, and Captions)

Predator & Prey Edition

This thread is for furry JOI/JOE posts only, along with requests. Please take anime and other such JOI/JOE posts to the other thread: >>39510399

Booru1: https://joi.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=all
Booru2: https://captions.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=list
(Could always use some more tagging!)

Basic Captioner Resources: https://pastebin.com/h7mudVkL
Previous thread: https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/39570171

Why some images say they are already uploaded or corrupted when attempted to be uploaded to the booru:
It has to do with the image's resolution, keeping the largest side under 5000 px. seems to be the sweet spot, if its bigger than that then it will fail to upload. Something to keep in mind when uploading stuff to the booru.
https://mega.nz/folder/6sF2BTbB#n4cZnOao3WrEdMJNGAmBgg -Comfy
https://mega.nz/folder/V74gyAYb#qfbPs_AXSDZTjJekR_8Rzw -Twocap
https://mega.nz/folder/eIsikSbJ#MLxbeiDD7uFCrzaiz1VPcw -Mouchi
https://mega.nz/folder/5IcVkSIZ#Tr8yy-m_6e6NqvgXkW7RBQ - AmarettoScotch
https://mega.nz/folder/M5AGWDKT#hovvseNwO5h3dz6UNN2cUA - MilkMan
https://mega.nz/folder/lLBH0arR#SazOugcQLuIPYWO5sx8xvQ - Yojimbo
https://mega.nz/folder/ZwtziKoS#aDf503BNCcD5RWAHQ3D2dA -a LOT of melonart's art
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/feed/ - Fat, Expansion & Edit Drawthread
Bikini Destruction Edition

Previous Thread: https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/40178559/#40178559

ALL fat themed requests, of any size, whether human, monster girl, anthropomorphic animals and fictional creatures of Male and Female are welcomed here.

Our Booru:
(make sure to archive the deliveries)

>How do I request?
- Post your request on the request anchor .
- Start your post with "requesting" or "/r/".
- Provide names and image references in a single post.
- Don't spam or bump your requests.
- Check the delivery post and/or the booru to see if your request was done.
- Request edits and coloring in the Edit thread.

>What if I want to start drawing fatties?
- Check these resources for beginners: https://pastebin.com/4CpXsY7a
- For those who want to draw fats: https://mega.nz/#F!46ZD1Swb!YXIV4nLSHZIBs81Kd9zdzA
- When asking for requests: Post a sample of your work and mention what you prefer to draw.
- Also ask for help in the Drawing Improvement/Progress Thread:
- Feel free to help others here if they need help as well.
- Just remember to ignore begging.

>What else should I know?
- PLEASE DELETE YOUR BUMPS, If you don't know how then please look at the FAQ on 4chan
- No arguing about the state of the thread, there's a time and place for everything but not right now. please take it somewhere else.
- No seconding, this isn't a popularity vote of who has the best requests.
- Don't respond to the spam. Just report, hide it and move on.
- Don't ask for a break or to wait "weeks/months/years".
- Don't add new rulesets, ask others for an agreement.
- Feel free to post anything that gets done to the booru for others to find later.
- New thread should be made after reaching the bump limit or bumped off/deleted.
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