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Need help from japanese anons / anons in japan.
>Art exhibition for the works of the guy with the really good kemono statues goes live.
>Been collecting all the photos people have been taking in hopes that pic related could be recreated digitally with the power of photogrammetry.
>Get good enough results that it could be worked into something decent, from the front.
>Can't get any software to fill in the back, as there just aren't enough photos.
>Grabbing a bunch of different photos from the internet isn't optimal regardless, it's the sort of thing that needs someone to be taking photos, or video, specifically for the purpose of photogrammetry.
Know this is a long shot, but if anyone's in or could get to the Okinawa area and would be willing, could someone go there and take a 360° video (as in walk 360° around) of pic related, maybe even taking some time to get some footage of the top and bottom as well? Or could someone point me in the direction of where I could ask that would get a higher chance of a response?
https://piratsuka.com/top/detail?id=599394 is the event information, unfortunately I wasn't made aware until the event was almost over, so anything that could be done would have to be done quick. I promise I'll post whatever results I get if someone were to, with some cleanup perfect for printing and such, and I'd be eternally grateful.
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/mmog/ Make Your Choice Edition

Warcraft/WoW, EQ, GW2, Wakfu/Dofus and any mumorpeger whose porn belongs in the /trash/. We all know you don't play just one so get in here.

Old Thread: >>38187019

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/trash/ Pokemon Drawthread
OCs and Fakemons (actual fakemons please like fusions and clovermons) are welcome too

For edits and colorings:

Our booru: http://trashdump.booru.org
- Feel free to post anything that gets done in the booru for others to find later.
- Taggers needed!

>How do I request?
- Start your post with "requesting" or "/r/".
- Provide names and image references in a single post.
- Don't spam or bump your requests.
- Check the booru to see if your request was done.
- Request edits in the thread for edits.

>What if I want to start drawing?
- Check these resources for beginners: https://pastebin.com/4CpXsY7a
- More resources if you need more help:
- Go here>>>/ic/ If you fell for the Loomis meme
- When asking for requests: Post a sample of your work and mention what you prefer to draw.
- Also ask for help in the Drawing Improvement/Progress Thread: >>>/trash/drawing
- Threadly reminder that you can always git more gud

>What else should I know?
- Don't respond to the spam. Just report and/or hide it and move on.
- When making a new thread, refrain from adding unnecessary rules to the OP. That's dumb.

Previous thread: >>>desuarchive.org/trash/thread/38215456
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Furry JOI/JOE/Caption Thread #224
(Jerk Off Instructions, Encouragement, and Captions)

Life's a Beach Edition

This thread is for furry JOI/JOE posts only, along with requests. Please take anime and other such JOI/JOE posts to the other thread: >>36673867

Booru1: https://joi.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=all
Booru2: https://captions.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=list
(Could always use some more tagging!)

Basic Captioner Resources: https://pastebin.com/h7mudVkL
Previous thread: https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/38233763/

Why some images say they are already uploaded or corrupted when attempted to be uploaded to the booru:
It has to do with the image's resolution, keeping the largest side under 5000 px. seems to be the sweet spot, if its bigger than that then it will fail to upload. Something to keep in mind when uploading stuff to the booru.
https://mega.nz/folder/6sF2BTbB#n4cZnOao3WrEdMJNGAmBgg -Comfy
https://mega.nz/folder/V74gyAYb#qfbPs_AXSDZTjJekR_8Rzw -Twocap
https://mega.nz/folder/eIsikSbJ#MLxbeiDD7uFCrzaiz1VPcw -Mouchi
https://mega.nz/folder/5IcVkSIZ#Tr8yy-m_6e6NqvgXkW7RBQ - AmarettoScotch
https://mega.nz/folder/ZwtziKoS#aDf503BNCcD5RWAHQ3D2dA -a LOT of melonart's art
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/ntr/ - Netorare General

Kemono Edition

Previous: >>38380524

NTR Booru: Dead. Backup:https://mega.nz/folder/NwRW2JbT#SmbvWsfjXGCsTbVuV7AFuA
NTR encyclopedia:https://imgur.com/a/JfSEQeD/
NTR short stories:https://catbox.moe/c/qm8hqb

>Post your "loyal" waifu, tell us all about them!
>Discover that your waifu might not be as satisfied with you as you thought.
>Learn that your waifu always loved, and will always love you, even if you can't pleasure her in the sack.

>Tease Cucks and enjoy their trust shattering with your every post.
>Steal and fuck (and maybe impregnate!) other anons' waifus while they watch.
>Make fun of their waifus for being horny cumdumpsters.

>Post and see if any bulls and/or cucks bite.
>Ramble on about your love of big cocks.
>Wax poetic on how tempted you are to cheat.
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RWBY/RT General #1561: What if Pyrrha Lived Edition
>1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, just don't tell us it's good
>2. Read the pastebin:https://rwbyg.com/
>3. Arguing about the thread isn't discussion
>4. Arguing about e-celeb garbage also isn't discussion
>5. Don't believe their lies

V8E14: THE FINAL WORD. Sometimes it's worth it all to risk the fall. Duration: 23:16. Out Now
RWBY Crystal Match joins Amity Arena in the grave:https://twitter.com/RWBY_Match/status/1377274691862208519?s=20 (embed) (embed) (embed)
The DC Justice League Crossover Comic is out now on Digital. New chapters every week
RWBY: The Grimm Campaign season 2 episode 10 is out now.
V1-V7 BluRay rips (crew commentaries) available on the pastebin. Credit to Website-anon!
Old Threads:https://desuarchive.org/_/search/boards/trash.desu.meta/text/RWBY%2FRT
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/mom/ - Mommy, Mother, and MILF General

Mom Is Your Buttslut Edition

Share your love and desire for these wonderful mature women!
Whether it's your own mom or someone else's, 2D or 3D, a real mother or just someone you fantasize was a mommy, all are welcomed in this thread.

Previous: https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/38336252
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/TLHG/ - The Loud House General
Japanese dub Edition


>Thread Archive



>Episodes and other official content

>List of All The Sisters' Unique Episodes



>TLH: A Very Loud Christmas! releasing in November 2021

>TLH Movie official teaser trailer released, delayed to summer 2021

>TLH Renewed For Season 6

>Casagrandes Renewed For Season 3

>New Listen Out Loud podcasts announced


Recent Episodes

>Silence of the Luans/Undercover Mom
https://tlhg.club/u/EqSH3L [1080p]
>School of Shock/Electshunned
https://tlhg.club/u/a5oShq [1080p]
>Zach Attack/Flying Solo
https://tlhg.club/u/Vtz1ZA [1080p]
>Hurl, Interrupted/Diamonds Are For Never
https://tlhg.club/u/2E0TOs [1080p, GB]


Upcoming Episodes

>Hurl, Interrupted (5/7/2021)
Lynn tries to stall her friends from riding the new coaster at Dairyland before they find out her big secret.
>Diamonds Are For Never (5/7/2021)
After Lola and Mr. Grouse find a precious gem, the two struggle to decide who gets to watch over it.
>Rumor Has It (5/14/2021)
Lincoln and the gang are trapped in the woods with Mr. Bolhofner, who may not be who he says he is.
>Training Day (5/14/2021)
Lana gets more than she bargained for when she takes on Stella's untrainable new bunny.
>Director's Rut (5/21/2021)
Luan turns to Mr. Coconuts for help after she struggles to direct the school's play.
>Friday Night Fights (5/21/2021)
Lisa joins Lynn's football team as the analytics coach to prove that math will always beat out heart.
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Would you yiff this cat?
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