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/hmoba/ – Human Males on FemBoy Anthros Friday/General #52
>Pretty derg edition
>This is a general dedicated to masculine human male tops on bottom femboy anthros. Keep stories, images and discussions on-topic and follow the dynamic of the general.

>Militairy Hare
>The Exception
>(You) giving your femboy furry boyfriend a blowjob.

>Childhood Friend [UPDATED!]
>Hyena Boy Adventures
>Peacock Dancer
>Mariposa Luchador
>Slaangors Need Men
>682 Containment Breach

>Drewbacca and Do The Time Warp
>Role for Initiative

>Vermintide: Lone Skaven

>Bunboy Ashley


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How do you like your femboy? Bratty or nice?
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/pizzatrash/ 12

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Post italian men, toppin gals, sexy pizza, anything goes as long as it's pizza tower.

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/tgamm/ - The Ghost and Molly McGee #275

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/Collared/ - Human Dominance General #107

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Animal Domesticating Edition

>What is /Collared/?
Collared is meant to be the more rough counterpart of /hmofa/ that is dedicated to human males dominating anthros in a variety of scenarios and fetishes.

-- Stories and Projects --

By Anonymous
>A Shot For /Collared/

By Anonymous
>Family Fight Night

By Anonymous
>Neon Dream of Organic Toys Chapter 2
>Neon Dream of Organic Toys Chapter 3

By Anonymous
>A Frontier Operative's Guide to Tribal Diplomacy, Subjugation, And Domestication (Sheep/Goats) (Rabbits)

By Anonymous
>A Short for /Collared/

By: Anonymous
>Barn Brawl

By Anonymous
>Neon Dream of Organic Toys Chapter 1.
>Neon Dream of Organic Toys Chapter 2

By: Anonymous
>A Frontier Operative's Guide to Tribal Diplomacy, Subjugation, And Domestication (Deer/Elk) (Wolves)

By Trashbinlid
>A Simple Punishment Chapter 6: Time served
>Magician Rabbit and her Assistant

By Anon(s)
>Wendigo Round Robin

>/Collared/'s Dungeon of Stories
>/Hmofa/ Masterbin
>Previous Thread
>Past Threads
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/dft/ - Discord Fappy Talky

Post tags, talk about your fetishes and jerk off.

Creampie Edition

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/acrg/ Artist/Commissioner Rant General #452
vomit dog edition

Remember to Screencap your links so we can laugh when they delete their post

Talk about artists or commissioners, mostly the bad ones or those who got under your skin. Share your experiences and get angry with us.

For all artists (and commissioners who are close friends with artists) here, beware of Horu, Pixxy, OkiOppai, AnythingGoes, Skitterleaf and kathielnotfound (Jocelyn Jones#0520) . They will exploit and/or scam you should they get the chance.
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Weekend Fat Guys Thread

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Chubs, hogs, gainers, admirers—everyone is welcome!
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/cap/ - Caption Thread #611

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Extreme Edition!

>What’s the difference between /pfg/ and /pag/?
You don’t have to be pussy-free to be addicted to porn. And you don’t have to be addicted to porn to be pussy-free.

>How do I quit porn?
You don’t. You’re never going to escape. Keep stroking. Keep making it worse.

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>this is supposed to be a bandicoot
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