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/dft/ - Discord Fappy Talky

Post tags, talk about your fetishes, and jerk off.

Between Buns Edition

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/funkg/ trash thread

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fms gf edition
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/acrg/ Artist/Commissioner Rant General #664

>"restoration" Edition

Remember to Screencap your links so we can laugh when they delete their post.

Talk about artists or commissioners, mostly the bad ones or those who got under your skin.
Share your experiences and get angry with us.

For all artists (and commissioners who are close friends with artists) here, beware of Horu, Pixxy, OkiOppai, Timedwatcher, AnythingGoes, Skitterleaf, kathielnotfound (Jocelyn Jones#0520), and Snoopcrow/jbunny/j6un9 (jbunny#4754).
They will exploit and/or scam you should they get the chance.

Pastebin: (Gay ass new paste nobody reads)

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What happened to /obj/ used to hang there a lot like three years ago :(

Webcomics - BOXDOG

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I kept forgetting to make this thread.

For those who haven't noticed it, Weaver updated Boxdog many times on July and finally finished the comic.

The update spree starts here:

You can also use this thread to talk about other webcomics.
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/Chic-Fil-A/ General #29
"Heist of the Century" edition.
/Chic-Fil-A/ is a thread dedicated to posting fox women, bible study, and personal chicken sandwich reviews.
/hmofa/ fox women are preferred, but solo fox women are more than appreciated.
>No furbois.
>No NTR/cuckshit.
>If you can't post anything nice don't post at all.

Please post green texts and stories as well. /hmofa/ stories that feature vixens are welcome.


By Anonymous
>MILF fox smut story

By Dergman
>Lemonade Sky
>Dergman Shorts Pt 1

By MiataAnon
>Dejah's Trap

By Digiridoguy
>Mean Motherfucker (AKA The Dyke Vixen Story)

By Doublespace
>Autumn in Autumn

[ Masterbin ]:

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/mfat/ Male Fatfur Thread: Basking in Light Edition
Previous Thread:

Writefag Pastebin:

Thread Template:

Thread Theme:

>Try to keep a good balance of related fetishes and sub-fetishes.
>No 3D please, there are other places better suited for that.
>Avoid reposting images from the past few threads. Keep it fresh!
>Try to keep a slow pace of images and embrace discussion! Talk about your favorite things about fatfurs!
>Please keep it civil and on topic.
>Stay safe out there!

TOTT: If you could get to take care of a blob fur what would your routine be?
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/hmofa/ - Human Males On Female Anthros General #2657

>"Lemon Bepis" edition


By Alephkeller
>Risk Compensation (Ch. 3-8)

By BoxCrate
>Electroluxe! (Ch. 8)

By A_Smiling_Face
>/hmofa/ Herald Summer Edition

By Spaceface404
>Prey (Ch. 8)

By Wizdoggo
>Tips to Date a Single Mom Shiba Inu (Part 04)
>The Kash'gons Chronicles (Part 039)

By HomeTome
>Wired for Affection
>Loveless Incantation (Ch. 14)

By PapaDelta
>Summoning a Little Mischief (Ch. 7)

By spicyhazard
>The Snerd (Ch. 7)

By Kaktus_nsfw
>A Lord's Change of Plans
>How About Those Spooky Spindly Shadowy Sinister Senoritas? (Ch. 55)

>Love Me As If There Were No Tomorrow (Ch. 15)

By BluePawpadCult
>Saturday Proposal

By Tacticool_Dad
>Unlikely Meetings (Ch. 12)

By WannabeSmutWriter
>The Cougar And The Zoomer

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[ Writing Guides, Media, Misc. ]:

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/cbg/ - cuteboy General

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For Twinks, Traps, Femboys, Cross-Dressers, cuteboys and Gays. No trans people, thank you.

collared and bound edition

Previous thread:

>/cbg/ tagmap

>Pastebin with weight loss/workout help (check /fit/ too)

>Post your collections (NO underage), post pictures of yourself and discuss cute and lewd stuff relating to boys
>Post your age, sexuality, and region if you don't want to stay lonely forever
>Please don't self-harm
>AND KEEP IT CIVIL, quit engaging and arguing with obvious bait. You dorks make it way too easy for trolls to stir the pot.
>IGNORE Bait. how simple can I make this you dummy. Yes, you, the one reading this. Listen. Be a good boy. Or else.
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Fang board.

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