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/qa/ lost.
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HG / Hunger Games thread

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Location: Tŵr Mawr lighthouse, Llanddwyn Island, Anglesey, Wales
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/TLVG/ - The Loud Verse General - Murder edition
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HG / Hunger Games Thread
Current Location: Peace and Tranquility
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/TLVG/ - The Loud Verse General - Butt of an angel edition
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thirtieth /exeg/ trash thread

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RAWstitute edition
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Sonic Underground/Tamers12345 Thread
Working Stiffs edition
Previously on Sonic Underground: >>40582264
ReadTheWords -
-Bartleby - Charles
-Sonic, Manic - Michael
-Sonia - Emily
-Queen Aleena - Elizabeth
-Uncle Chuck, Kevin - Carlos
-Knuckles, Mindy's Dad - Robbert
-Mindy - Nina
-Robotnik, Sleet, Athair - Tom

Cepstral -
Dingo - Dallas
Flora - Amy
Mandy - Allison
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/TLHG/ - The Loud House General
Cringe jerk Edition


>Thread Archive


>Clubhouse (includes fanfics on the wiki)

>Episodes and other official content

>List of All The Sisters' Unique Episodes

>The Loud House #11 Who's the Loudest?



>TLH Movie synopsis revealed

>TLH Renewed For Season 6

>Casagrandes Renewed For Season 3

>New Listen Out Loud podcasts announced


Recent Episodes

>School of Shock/Electshunned [1080p]

>Zach Attack/Flying Solo [1080p]


Upcoming Episodes

>Silence of the Luans (3/26)
Luan locked in a cell in the basement, who is responsible for the April Fool's Day pranks this year?

>Undercover Mom (3/26)
Mom goes undercover as a student at the high school and becomes BFFs with Leni, Luna and Luan.

>Hurl, Interrupted (TBA)
Lynn tries to stall her friends riding the coaster.

>Diamonds Are For Never (TBA)
Lola and Mr. Grouse find a gem.
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/adhg/ Anthro Females Dominating Human Males General #442

>Worship your Goddess Edition

This is a general dedicated to non-human female anthros dominating human males.
Keep the discussion on-topic, and follow the theme of the general (dominant women, femdom, subby males, etc.)
>NO Gay/Lesbian Porn
>NO Cuckold/NTR

To have your story listed in the OP, include STORYxUPDATE in your post


>Triplet Caution

>A Prince’s Plight

>Fleabag and FANG: Directors Cut

>Kangaroo Courts

>Reel-To-Reel Side A
>Reel-to-Reel Side B
>Mistress Ninghong
>Darn (Magical) Cat

>A little cup of love CH.1&2

>Monastery Above - Pt.1&2

--Additional Stuff--
>ADHG Story Directory
>Previous Edition
>The /hmofa/ Tagged Library (Ctrl + F ''femdom'' or ''m:rape'' for /adhg/ related stories)
>The /hmofa/ Masterbin
>The archives:
>Old Bin (/pofg/, Pet Of Furry General):
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