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Minase Iori thread #78

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Christmas season is closing in...
...which also means the return of Santa Iori!

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>make an account on gelbooru about a year ago
>busy year creating a huge pool of likes and saved searches
>permanently logged in, never log-in again all this time

>this week
>some cookie nonsense happens and Iogs me out of everything
>try to log back into gelbooru
>can't remember my username
>I know both my password and the email used
>no username retrieval options

>search what to do on google
>huge number of forum posts on gelbooru asking this question going back decades
>"le shrug"-tier responses

( T o T )

How do I get back into mah gelbooru, guys? I have so much /c/ute to share.
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Eli Ayase

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It's that time of year once again where we celebrate the most beautiful girl of Love Live!: Eli Ayase!
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Tomoko Kuroki Thread #126

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Boku thread
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Carrie Krueger appreciation thread
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Ononoki Yotsugi

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Beyond perfect.
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should have stayed at barca

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>/c/ - Anime/Cute
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