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Akemi Homura Thread XLIX

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Anon, do you treasure the life you currently live? And do you consider your family and your friends precious?

If the answer is yes, and that yes is the truth, then you wouldn't try changing the life you have or the person you are. You wouldn’t change your life by failing to posting in or contribute to this Homura thread. Otherwise you'll lose everything you love.

Don't change, stay as you are, Anon. Stay as you are, forever.

Tiny URL followed by / homurabestgirl

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I've upgraded my C.C. drawn by folder with waifu2x.
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Lain Thread Layer 18: God is here

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Old thread:
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Strike Witches

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erica hartmann thread
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Why are pantyhose so good?
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Hidamari Sketch thread

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Wide thread. A thread for Aoki Ume's creations, mainly Hidamari Sketch. Discussion is also welcome!

Hidamari related links:
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Nakano Azusa Thread #11

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Azunyan Thread: Do it for Her Edition

>Previous thread:
>Previouser threads:

>Useful links:
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Kyouko Sakura

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>no kyouko
This simply won't do, anons.
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It's so unfair that Troid gets to harass people and abuse his mod powers. He only bans people who do things he personally dislikes. It has nothing to do with the rules themselves, and this image spells out a test you can do yourself to prove it.