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Girls in football/soccer kits

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St. Gloriana Thread

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The Elegance never stops.

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What's your favorite British tank?
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Ika Musume

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Squid girl thread!
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sora no woto anyone?

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Hit image limit. Loli will never die.

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general molestation of the face and face area

(pinchan, squeazan, boopan)
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Rei thread #29 - Let's honour the goddess some more!

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Previous thread: 2161730
Thread history:
(Feel free to add suggestions for the pastebin)

Pastebin update (download link on thread history):

-Video of all appearances of Ayanami in the original series merged together (40 minutes total)
NGE - done.
Death and Rebirth - ?
EoE - done.
Rebuild - ?

-Screenshot of all appearances of Ayanami in progress:
Episodes 1-5 - done.
Episodes 6-11 - done.
Episodes 12-? - ?
Death and Rebirth - ?
EoE - ?
Rebuild 1.11 - ?
Rebuild 2.22 - done.

Pictures with multiple characters are fine here so long as Rei is in them. No Rei Q allowed unless she is there with the real Rei. (make a new thread for Rei Q instead)
Feel free to chat about Rei, and all Rei-related things from merchandise to your own personal musings about the character!
Discussion is allowed and encouraged (try to post a Rei image).
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Asuka thread #31

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Previous thread here: >>2130283

Also I hope you didn't forget that her birthday is in two weeks!
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Pleinair Thread: 数20

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