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/BLACKED/ General #2916

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/nah/ Not A Happening Thread

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Welcome to /nah/ Not a Happening Thread: Brand New World edition

>What is /nah/?
This thread meant to give a place for /nah/ posters to vent out their autism while keeping The Happenings Thread for happenings. Think of it like /b/ mixed with /qa/ but with a /trash/ spin thrown into the mix

>What is allowed on /nah/?
Gossip, board culture conversations, personal complaints/reports, blogposts and avatarfags that don't belong on the other thread, are more than welcome here. Drink your fill, you thirsty fellas!

If you are looking for happenings, or insights about site/board meta as a whole please go to
the current happening thread

>Important links
Voting results for mutual independence:

Comic about Modern Day Society starring (You):

Various images of funny and happy cats to put a smile on your face

Taking requests for important links relevant to /nah/ and also taking requests for additions, subtractions to the OP image. User generated content such s head canons, art, and homoerotic MSPaint comics about the moderators are welcome and encouraged. This is (You)r canvas for personal autism.

>/nah/ code
1. You're free to be as annoying as you want here, this thread is for (You)
2. Try to get along, this is a shared space for every kind of poster
3. Don't break what little global rules /trash/ has. Like, seriously, imagine getting banned on /trash/, how embarrassing!
4. Keep /nah/posting on /nah/. If you find a /nah/poster outside of /nah/ kindly remind them to return to this thread.
(Come home /nah/ man, you /b/long here.)

>Thread theme:

>Previous official /nah/'s

>Previous happening thread

ᴀɴd HeRe we ᴀRe! ᵃnᵈ ʰᵉʳᵉ ʷᵉ ᵃʳᵉᵎ ᴀɴd HeRe we ᴀRe!
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/hmofa/ - Human Males On Female Anthros General #2986

>"Bun Credit Card" edition


By ThisIsARealAccount
>Vipers, Nights, and French Fries (Ch. 6)

By DesperateWinter
>A Spare in the Trunk (Ch. 24)

By Kaktus_nsfw
>Bug in the Stars (Ch. 17)
>Touch of Bone (Ch. 3)

By Tacticool_Dad
>Unlikely Meetings (Ch. 24)

By M4rsh4l_Legacy
>The Frost on her Feathers (Ch. 4 & 5)

By Blankest_Slate
>New Venus: Beginnings (Ch. 2)

By Mal0_anon
>State Zero (Revised)

By TheSignalRemains
>Wilderness Hearts (Ch. 12 & 13)

By Hills_of_Mud
>Forgotten Places: Expedition (Ch. 4)

By Anonymous

By spaceface404
>Prey (Ch. 12)

By Anonymous

By somethingaboutsharks
>Where Kitsune Wait (Ch. 19)

By MrFanMan42
>Survivors of a Shattered World (Ch. 12)

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[ Writing Guides, Media, Misc. ]:

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/snoot/ Saturday - Married before Puppetry Edition

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>Snoot Game:

>I Wani Hug That Gator: Downloads Guide

>GVH Download & Assets

>Snoot Game OST:

>Fang board playlists:

>>Fics & Art


>Archive and Anon's Snoot Archive 2.5

>Snoot fic spreadsheet:

>AO3 page:

>Blender models: (Fang)
>Low Poly models:


>Modding guide:

>Snoot Mods (check Snoot Archive 2.5 for a more complete list / working links to older mods)

>>Thread Archives: - Will load everything on one page, a heavy load for weaker systems. - Easier load on your system, but linking across pages does not work.


>>Previous Thread(s):
Do you ever feel scared about the future?
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/funkg/ trash thread

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Rat Titz edition
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4chan Happenings Thread

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Interesting and unusual stuff that's haqqening happening on the boards you visit.

Name/tripcode/avatar faggot fags, Foxdickfarms-tier posts about shitposters, non-haqqenings, happenings, haqqenings, habbenings, small GETs, comqlaints about shit boards being shit, known sqergs sqerging out, personal reqort buttons and blogposting et paul allen. belong on >>>/trash/nah.

So we looked at the data:
where is it haqqening?: &
4chan Rogues Gallery:
paypig haqqenings: >>>/vip/126662
some losers blog (like and subscribe):
how to talk to a brick wall: >>>/qa/1690512

Previously: Nothing, nothing happened N O T H I N G ok got it?
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/hmofa/ - Human Males On Female Anthros General #2806

>"Welcome to Danny's" edition


By Anonymous

By Anonymous
>Therapy Too Expensive

By Tetchy
>Hop Fire

By ThisIsARealAccount
>The Cobbler and the Kobold

By LiveIron
>Negligent Discharge: the Complete Rebecca (Normal) Path

By SweatshirtWearingViper
>My Petrochemical Romance (Ch. 7)

By Thraxeth
>For The Love Of A Vixen II: Keepeth No Record

By Nightblade53

By NeverAnon
>A Ninja Fox in New York City (Ch. 12)

By JacklinMauer
>Crawling Through a Sunset Oblivion (Ch. 18)

By Hills_of_Mud
>Forgotten Places (Ch. 16)

By Sample_Family
>Raised By Humans (Ch. 15)
>RBHOS: Big Sister
>RBHOS: Reflecting

By PapaDelta
>Triplet Caution 2: Holiday Humbling

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/pizzatrash/ 83

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RWBY/RT General #1743: Pancakes Edition

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>1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, just don't tell us it's good
>2. Read the pastebin:
>3. Arguing about the thread isn't discussion
>4. Arguing about e-celeb garbage isn't discussion
>5. Don't believe their lies

Third RWBY Book is about Roman and Neo
Arrowfell's teaser: [Embed]
V9 Teaser: [Embed]
Fairy Tales' current episode: [Embed]
V8 Soundtrack:

V1-V8 BluRay rips (crew commentaries) available on the pastebin. Credit to Website-anon!
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/dft/ - Discord Fappy Talky

Post tags, talk about your fetishes and jerk off.

Smiley Edition

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