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MLP General

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Rainbow Roadtrip special
Written by Kim Beyer-Johnson

Pony Life:

YouTube Playlist of pony shorts

My Little Pony: The Manga - A Day in the Life of Equestria Vol. 2
Download link
Get a physical copy

My Little Pony: Holiday Memories still storytimed here!

It's getting to be one of the busiest times of year for Sugarcube Corner. And with the added prestige and population of Ponyville, Pinkie Pie must be particularly pressed to perform. She is still in the employ of the Cakes, and they could use the help! But how's her baking skills developing? She seems to know her way around the kitchen, but someone's got to mind the front, too, to say nothing of the babies. Almost a wonder they haven't expanded the place yet.

Previous thread.
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EQG Alternate Ending

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How would Twilight (and Equestria) have reacted if she failed to get her crown back in EQG?
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.//Haven CYOA

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Thread Guide:
Full Story here:
Previous Thread:>>36027617
Quick Rundown:
>The end nears.
>In reality, they are artificial beings existing in nodes all over cyber space from the Darknet to the Clearnet. We don't know their ultimate plans yet. We hope they're benevolent beings.
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/mlp/ rewatch stream S4E23+24

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This week's episodes are "Inspiration Manifestation" (Written by Corey Powell and Meghan McCarthy) and "Equestria Games" (Written by Dave Polsky), originally aired April 26th and May 3rd 2014.
Find the stream here:
Countdown here:
Please post any emotes or fan videos here in the thread.
Just to keep you guys up to speed, next week is the S4 finale stream (based on the number of fan videos released between 4 and 5 we're in for a pretty long one), followed by a Christmas stream, then a break for one or two weeks and back in January with the S4 hiatus stream/s.
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/mlp/ Secret Santa 2020 Thread #24 Milk & Cookies edition

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Welcome to the official thread for /mlp/ Secret Santa 2020! Tell Santa Pone all your wildest wishes and come join us in celebrating Horsemas with your fellow Pony lovers!

>How does this work?
Gifts are given Round Robin style (A gives to B gives to C who gives to A) while cards are exchanged traditionally (whomever you give a card to should send one back to you).

>What about latecomers?
Latecomers has closed and all assignments have been given out.

>But it's not even take your pony to work day.
No need! Stay home and shower that poner with affection instead <3

Gift assignments have be given out. Time is ticking to do shopping!
December 5th-10th is the suggested mailing period.

Official website:
Main event coordinator: [email protected]
Web Dev for site issues: [email protected]

>Where's my assignment?
If you did not receive an email, check your spam folder or your santaponecentral profile

Previous thread: >>36226904
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Don't you think it was a bit weird they took so many ideas from the fans?
>Let's make this animation eye error pony into a character
>Let's make this 1 episode blue pony into a character
>Let's make these ponies who are always together into a couple
>Zero boyfriends for the main characters
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/hh/ - Huge Humans

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We're back!

Sorry I've not got the proper OP with the links etc, hopefully someone can provide them soon, but it's been several days without a new thread so I thought any thread was better than nothing.

What /huge/ ideas do you have?
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Pone Moms

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Can you guys post any pastes that are Mom related itt?

Last thread >>35994376

Pony's being your mother. Think momlestia thread with more than just Celestia.

Pony mom pastebins and Greens: (Frostybox's stuff. Many assorted moms) (Chrysalis) (RD and Twilight) (Trixie, a very good read, I recommend it) (Twilight) (Fluttershy) (Trixie) (Momlestia pastebins)
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What is it?
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Spanking Thread #72: Talent Abuse Edition

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How are models treated in pony world? This one looks like he needs a new agent.

We are back with a new(er) archive! You have to download it locally.

Featured Story:
How to Get Ponies to DO WHAT YOU SAY! by Ice

Other archives and Pastebins:

Discord with drawfriends, writefriends, and roleplayfriends:

Old thread:

Pastebin is no longer recommended for story hosting. They are deleting a small number of pastes and have no transparency. Please transition to a safer host. See >>36040231

Be advised: this is a thread about cartoon horses. Nobody here cares about real life disciplinary methods.
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