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A group of jocks saw me go into the Poniy movie today and screamed "KILL YOUR SELF"

Did anyone else had an experience?
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I wonder what this /mlp/ thing I keep hearing about is

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Tempest Thread - 'Really? A third one?' Edition

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So, 3rd thread and now we are basically reduced to shitposting. Do I regret making the first thread? No, not really.
We actually had discussion.

Thread topic; How would Tempest react to a clutzy Anon before eventually taking a liking to him.
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Anons do you remember this?

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MLP General

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Isaac, save us edition

723: Secrets and Pies
Written by Josh Hamilton

Legends of Magic #7 storytimed here!
>>31186182 (Cross-thread)
Friendship is Magic #59 storytimed here!
>>31071597 (Cross-thread)
Ponyville Mysteries: Riddle of the Rusty Horseshoe storytimed here!
>>31063342 (Cross-thread)

Previous thread
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>you can go to Equestria but ONLY if you HAVEN'T masturbated to ponies in the last 24 hours
Can you go?
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Outer Hayven - Honey I Shrunk The Kids Edition.

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Want to play horses with fellow faggots that showed up in a world where we don't belong? Select a race from unicorn, earth pony, pegasus, or griffon. And zebras, too! Outer Hayven is a frontier town recently established by the Equestrians, where many former humans have traveled to or woke up by. Some former humans choose to live a peaceful life in the mainland, but who wants that when they can adventure? With all the people pones about, your horse won't die of boredom.

Write up your backstory in greentext, and join in. Please remember to not role play in thread.

Summaries of Recent Adventures!

Day 164
After having shrunk herself to minute proportions, Wildberry finds herself in the library with the company of a golden Ruby golem, who is endeavoring to construct herself a secret bar in the walls named "The Sugar Cube" though it lacks its namesake. The pair search out the library but little did they know many ponies were around and watching, and when Wildberry attempts to re-size herself she ends up shrinking Cinnamon Blush, Homily Sermon, Riversong ,Weathervane down to their size as well! While the Ruby tries to pilfer a sugar cube the party finds themselves the center of attention for Rocci, the cat and a green guafo ( fuzzy spider ), and end up with a big problem on their hooves!!! But a clever bit of lassoing and some not-so-small thoughts outsmart the critters, and the ponies are able to go back to normal shortly! Though... "The Sugar Cube" could use more furnishings!
Adventure by Tiny Ruby

Want to see more check the summaries channel and for joining the other quests that spring up join the discord.
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B-Butt stuff?
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What are you filtering out on Derpibooru /mlp/?
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