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Post here if your waifu's gonna be in G5.

Haters BTFO.
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This fandom still exists? Holy shit what's up guys, it's been some 6 years since i left Equestria behind. What's going on with the show nowadays?

Like a show about Friendship and Kindness

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/mlp/ is full of people that fight and argue.
Why are you guys so hateful?
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MLP General

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Woolie in Equestria, what happens?
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Reverse Gender Roles Equestria

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ITT: we find the most autistic waifu

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>you're waifu
>how autistic are you

0-25=normie, 26-32=sperg, 33-50=autist
>Vinyl Scratch
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Donkey show
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What are some underrated or forgotten fanmade songs /mlp/?
Given how SoGreatandPowerful and Foozogz are normally mentioned extensively in these threads I'd like to ask for things other than them, as they are widely known here.
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Would you be okay with Chrysalis being redeemed in season 9 if it meant that we would get to see the GILF good Chrysalis from the comics in animated glory?