Things seem to be stable now.... Have any BTC? 152LGvWZpkzieXDwNDnMSaodkBnE1KrYyQ

We're back.

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After a painful few weeks, the brand new server is installed and running. Threads load much faster and (in a few days) images will be served at a speed yet to be seen on desuarchive.

Please use this thread to report any issues you may encounter. Also be aware that we are importing the missing posts & images from our neighbor archives. Expect those to appear in a few days.

It's good to be back.

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Disable the popup ads now!

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What the actual fuck is with the recent "404 NOT FOUND" images, broken thumbnails and threads that weren't archived completely... Are you ever gonna fix this?

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>The search backend is currently unavailable.

ya dun fucked up boy
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Start using a tripcode and DISCORD account, ask the leaders for a invite and join us on discord since discord is better than irc xD
Okay here's the official list of the IRC crew:
Leader (Elected by popular vote): drgu ; message her directly for info;
Co-leaders: Mada, dejiff, nipl, bebop, ran.
Magical Girls: bogman, skello, kivi, peps, alabaster
Terminal Cancer (New recruits/Ex Capos): jesus, perro, burning, moof, Too many to name
We're at war with janny, Kusanagi aka pr0x aka fdsfdf, giraffes, taiga, Alternative, marine revenge, comfy, buddy star, Welding, I_AM_ABIB and the rest of the no names from the inner circle
We're allied with warosu, /ota/, /jp/
All your favorite anime that get trolled/reverse trolled/spam is from us. Love us or hate us but also respect us.
We're currently epic trolling Little Witch Academia (AKA little SHIT acadamia lol by one of our leading IRCbros), 3-gatsu no Lion and Dragon Maid this season, feel free to join le fun xD
Next season, our targets will be Boku no Hero Academia, Berserk and Boruto xD

Paranoia and autism

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Maybe nobody cares but we have an autist here
Can you tell him to fuck off or something?