Server migration is mostly complete. RebeccaBlackTech merged into Desuarchive. Link for more details. Some images haven't moved yet. Search is unavailable for some time. But new archive software in use, discuss here.
Donations to the archive would be appreciated to help fund our server hardware & storage drives.

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As part of the server migration announced here:

The Bibliotheca Anonoma has built two drop in replacements in Python to replace the aging FoolFuuka/Asagi archival stack.

* is in use at Desuarchive as part of this server migration. See the improved features over Asagi scraper in the repository.
* is a drop in replacement for the FoolFuuka frontend, check it out at our demonstration site: It is sufficient for non-ghostposting use, but we are still working on search and moderation tools and development help is appreciated.

Lastly, We hope to learn Rust to totally redesign the Asagi SQL schema. Two efforts are underway:
* is a drop in replacement for the Asagi scraper. It is in testing at .
* is a full stack archive stack replacement and PostgreSQL schema redesign, most likely the best path forward past the aging Asagi schema.

If you'd like to help develop or plan to make the next, it is a tough road but we have the expertise to help set things up. Post below or contact us at: #bibanon
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Welcome to /desu/. Use this board to report issues, request features, and for other discussions regarding Other posts will be removed.

When reporting a technical issue, be sure to include the full URL of the page/image.

Do not use this board for removal requests, which must be emailed to [email protected] Other rule violations can be reported by clicking the "Report" button on the post.

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BTW if anyone knows any 4chan admins, please tell them to unblock or increase the Cloudflare limits on the desuarchive/ and scrapers. The method used to hold us over for the past year does not seem to be working well anymore and it is failing to archive threads periodically.

Relevant actions taken by admins as FYI, we are also using the same temporary fix:

This reveals that our time is up with the FoolFuuka/Asagi archiver stack. It has not had active development since the collapse of in 2016. It is too inefficient with bandwidth to function any further. It is not worth feeding both with additional RAM and resources if it is too inefficient with requests as well, the stack is already consuming 168GB RAM as it is. It is only a matter of time before the other archivers meet this fate too.

This is an unexpected development and it could take weeks if not months, but the C# .NET developer of hayden is working hard on it with massive reductions and huge improvements in efficiency and request limit compliance, such as RAM use reduction to 100MB, but his time is limited, we wish we could have bought some more time.

To anyone who can help, call up all C# .NET developers and skilled MySQL/Percona DBAs to try and bring the Hayden code up to scratch as a suitable drop in Asagi replacement. Once the scraper is replaced, we can also work together with Python developers to build a new frontend replacement for FoolFuuka as described in the previous thread. It is already demonstrably more efficient and accurate, however it is not fully tested and often hits deadlock issues. Using Hayden will allow us to consolidate our operations on instead of on a separate continent, immediately saving $90 a month and removing a Sword of Damocles by eliminating s1 which the previous admin (peace be upon his wrists) is likely to default on due to crippling medical bills.

There are some download reliability issues that need testing to be able to use in production, but we wish we had some more time before this happened.

In the future we would like to totally overhaul the FoolFuuka/Asagi stack with a total replacement for the sole use of Desuarchive, but a drop in Asagi replacement is crucial as the vast majority of other archiver admins such as have lives to live and are unlikely to take up any SQL schema changes.

Feel free to drop by the chat to help brainstorm what can be done.

It is helpful to read our previous thread on the topic as well:

EDIT: Modified to clarify that FoolFuuka/Asagi, both the frontend, backend, and inefficient MySQL schema, are all to blame for the situation.

This post was modified by Desuarchive Administrator on 2019-12-07
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Hey mods from both /a/ and /u/. Can you do something about a notorious shitposter called Aidor/u/fag? He spams /u/'s General Yuri Discussion Threads and /a/'s Love Live Threads with off-topic shits. He's been spamming/samefagging Bandori and random seiyuu/idolshits on the Love Live threads and brags that he phoneposts to avoid bans and he's the God and King of /u/. As for the General Yuri Discussion Threads, he opens the general threads with idolshit and yuribait which triggers /u/. /u/ is also not happy with him making them when the previous threads are at Page 6 and he's been doing that for years. See his autism right here. Please get him banned because he has violated so many rules but he's not been banned yet because of phoneposting.
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Hello, I just wanted to bring some posts to the attention of the mods. There's a well know spammer and ban evader who you have dealt with before. He's the one obsessed with "ack", and would spam crack ship names for literally thousands of posts to try and cause fights and attack people.

I've reported many of his posts, and the ones I linked are just from the first 14 pages of ghost. There are literally hundreds more. He just comes to the archives to insult people and try to get the "last word".

>>>/a/212607487,2 >>>/a/212607487,1 >>>/a/218333024,1 >>>/a/218342717,2 >>>/a/218342717,1 >>>/a/218408112,1 >>>/a/218558392,1 >>>/a/218687397,1 >>>/a/218818303,1 >>>/a/218962742,2 >>>/a/218962742,1 >>>/a/185794285,1 >>>/a/219181461,1 >>>/a/219233989,1 >>>/a/219290578,1 >>>/a/219410443,1 >>>/a/219410443,2 >>>/a/219410443,3 >>>/a/219410443,4 >>>/a/219460775,1 >>>/a/219511661,1 >>>/a/219520530,1 >>>/a/219475646,1 >>>/a/219175947,2 >>>/a/219175947,1 >>>/a/219460775,2
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When will the Recaptcha system get improved? You could remove it completely or at least make it render before posting because as of now, this shit is retarded.
Better yet try adding a cooldown at least, like in 4chan, that should be pretty easy.

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>Need some webms quick
>Go to desuarchive
>Go to /gif/
>Play one of the webms
>Can't play webms here like I used to
What happened to desuarchive? Is there an alternative to this?

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hey guise why dont we just talk about animes here insted of 4chinz? normalfags wont find us here amirite

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Anons, what's happening, why is down, and desu was down too...

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Is it possible to use regex expressions in the various search fields somehow? Specifically I want to search for file names that contain left or right square brackets, [ or ], but they just get ignored. Is there a way I can do this? Regex doesn't seem to be working either. Thanks.