What happened to Desustorage?

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Our domain registar terminated our entire account due to CP. Instead of attempting to contact me to get it resolved, they have locked me out of the account and are holding the domain hostage. I am waiting for a response from their legal team, but I am doubtful that this site will ever run under desustorage.org again.

All data is here and new images are still being pulled. Images will be down until we can get everything back together.

Please be sure to follow us on Twitter so you can stay in the loop if something like this happens again.

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Would it be possible to ban a certain keyword from search?

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malicious ads

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I am a android user and am constantly getting redirected to scam sites. And recently had a site claim to have put randsomware on my phone.
Is everyone getting this, and why are the adds even allowed.
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So, I got a ban for "doxxing/shitting" when I wasn't actually doing either of those things. I appealed the ban, but here's the thing, my IP changes very often, so I'm not going to know if my appeal got accepted or not.

I think the problem is that there's a mod in the Drawfag thread who's butt buddies with VCR Working and/or Troid and he's misusing his mod powers to protect them.
Even though they are the one who destroyed moe archive by deleting literally thousands of threads among other things.

Either way, that ban I got was for like 2 months or something. But I was not doing what the ban claimed I was.

Image hash change

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I noticed you changed the image hashing function to base64-encoded MD5. Any reason for the change and are you not providing a traditional hexadecimal hash API anymore?

Jewiro is trying to kill archive sites

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aloha desufriend, I appreciate that you run this puppy

bit of a suggestion: now that 4chan has the whole "posts/posters" thing maybe you could start tracking that, ie. posters per thread

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Why are pictures suddenly taking a long time to load? is it because of my connection or is it the site?