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Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/

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Worst LFGS Experiences

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Let's hear em /tg/, the absolute worst experience you've had at a store. Inb4 "things that didn't happen".

>Autistic fat fuck at our store wearing leather trench coat and fedora, absolute stereotype made real.
>Grumbling about 8th edition.
>Girlfriend of one of the guys in store sits across from him to sit next to her boyfriend.
>She takes her sandals off under the table.
>Fat fuck starts breathing heavily, staring down between his legs.
>Some of us get worried he's having a heart attack.
>He gets really upset when we try to ask him what's wrong.
>Starts shifting around in his chair alot.
>Suddenly he gets up and goes to the bathroom.
>Girlfriend gets up to leave and says "hey where are my sandals".
>People look around for her sandals for a few minutes.
>Fat fuck is still in the bathroom, keeps making sniffling noises like he's blowing his nose.
>We haven't figured it out yet.
>Gets to the point where she's worried she'll have to walk home barefoot, manager offers her a pair of flip flops he keeps in the storeroom.
>Fat fuck finally leaves bathroom, but doesn't flush.
>Usually he stinks the place out, so when he doesn't even flush we expect a wave of fucking putridity.
>No smell.
>He grabs his stuff and leaves pretty quickly, quickly enough that when we get suspicious he's already gone.
>Manager goes into bathroom and finds a pair of cum-stained sandals.
>Girlfriend retches, goes outside to throw up.

And that's the story of how our local autist got banned from the store. He came back the next day and refused to admit what he had done. Only when the manager threatened to call the cops did he leave and not come back.
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Paizo Games General /pgg/

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Paizo Games General /pgg/ (Pathfinder & Starfinder)

Honest Day's Work Edition:
What mundane job did your character hold before they became adventurers?

/pgg/ link repository:
current playtests:

Current /sfg/ thread: >>53982544
Old Thread: >>53970290
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/40kg/ Warhammer 40k General

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This is Belbe, she's a phyrexian cyborg elf mecha-princess!

Say something nice about her!
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/ysg/- Yog-Sothothery General

Urban Horror Edition

This thread is meant to inspire Lovecraftian /tg/ (like Delta Green and CoC) and discuss Lovecraft's works for inspiration along with anything else that fits into this genre or takes place in the Yog-Sothothery.
>Previous Thread:

>The Texts of Lore that Men were not meant to know:

>PDF Archive:

>Call of Cthulhu

>Atchung! Cthulhu!ywcHkIAA!ycphEhCOkbnjOvAQ4t7TBg

>Pulp Cthulhu!L9EFWSIT!o6clZxfdrVSOLkmcQz3wQ2Af9-hKsUxKc7214VynuY4
>Flash Gordon's Space Opera


>Recommend things to put in the next OP
>Please create a new thread when the Bump Limit has been reached and we are in the Lower Pages or if the old thread dies.
>If you don't, Nyarlathotep will shitpost in other threads
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/cyoag/ - CYOA General

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Archives and other resources:
Previous thread: >>53977818

"I don't know we people keep putting previous thread link to top, it's annoying" edition

traps > everything else > lolis
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JumpChain CYOA Thread #1577: Chaos Should Be Undivided Edition

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MTG modern general

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Angels edition

>favorite double/triple color combo

Apologies if theres another one up, i didnt see anything when i ctrl+f'd and put modern general in.
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Help picking from two campaigns.

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There's these two different ads on the local bulletin board at my FLGS, and I'm trying to decide which to join:

>DM of 22 years experience running a 3.5 campaign

>GURPS GM running a Superheroes campaign imspireed by Injustice.

Never played either system before, though I've read through GURPS rules. GURPS looks well and fine enough, though honestly I'm not looking forward to playing a Capeshit campaign with it.

3.5 on the other hand... well, we've memed enough about it on here that I'm sure everyone is familiar enough with its flaws on here. An experienced DM, if they're any good, would probably make the game enjoyable.

So, thoughts?
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