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Ideas for new card types

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Here's an idea, spell cards that go in the extra deck.

/mmg/ - Modern Magic General

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Fynn edition

>Current meta, complete with deck list
>Build and share casual decks

>Build and share cubes

>Search engines
>Proxy a deck or a cube for cheap
Your local chinaman (we're still researching this one)
Your printer + bulk cards + sleeves can also do the trick
>Library of in-demand alters


In a world of Uros and Omnaths, does losing to Infect feel unfair?
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Conceptually Stormcast are pretty cool. The honored dead who suffer through unimaginable wars, the passing of time to an immortal, and the pin of death and rebirth. Those who have to fight physical, realized chaos and entropy while having to also deal with the potential entropy of their soul that is the inevitable result of their war.

I just hate how all the models look across the armies. There’s more to a space marine model than being red and gold while for the stormcasts main differences lie in their paint job and the army list. Great concept poor execution IMO hope the future brings some conversion kits or something even though I think GW stopped doing those
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/tgesg/ - Weekend Elder Scrolls General

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No combat wheelchair thread?
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What's a good system for Zelda campaigns?
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/40kg/ warhammer 40,000 general

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What seems like official art of alpha legion kroot Edition

>Death Guard Codex Leaks

>The Warhammer 40,000 update – new points, scoring, and FAQs

>Munitorum Field Manual (POINTS)

>Warhammer TV Tip

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>Tool to Improve Battlescribe Readability:

>3rd Party Pastebin:

>/40kg/ MEGA:
>Put requests here:

>Find stuff here:

>Previous thread
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>Roman empire exists in a medieval fantasy setting
>It's ancient rome instead of medieval rome

I really hope you don't do this.
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What's his name again?

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>in an archeological dig in Italy, you stumble upon fragments of the forbidden, prehuman patisserie manual known as the Panacottic Manuscripts
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