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/bgg/ Board Games General

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Previous thread: >>63046782

Pastebin link:

> Speaking of 'War Games', with the holidays approaching for many what games will you be playing (or fighting about) with your family or gaming group?

> What games / gaming swag, if any, are on your holiday wish list?
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/ccg/ Custom Card General

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Wedges Edition

>To make cards, download MSE for free from here:
>Mobile users might have an easier time signing up here:

>Stitch cards together with

>Hi-Res MSE Templates

>Mechanics doc (For the making of color pie appropriate cards)

>Color Pie mechanics

>Read this before you post cards for the first time, or as a refresher for returning cardmakers

>Design articles by Wizards

>Primer: NWO and Redflagging

>Q: Can there be a sixth color?
A: http://pastebin.com/kNAgwj7i

>Q: What's the difference between multicolor and hybrid?
A: http://pastebin.com/yBnGki1C

>Q: What is precedence?
A: http://pastebin.com/pGxMLwc7

>Art sources

>/ccg/ sets (completed and in development)
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/cyoa/ - CYOA General

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Archives and other resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu
Previous thread: >>63091185
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/mgw/ - Monster Girl Worldbuilding

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Royalty Edition

Previous: >>63002845

We talk about Monstergirls and build a setting for them. Though we can all post pics and images and art of Monster Girl Encyclopedia monster girls and talk about them. But bear in mind this is not KCs MGE canon to the letter. Seriously lads a lot of people have their ideas and they aren't all the same, we can all agree to disagree. Just remember to have fun.

Warhammer Fantasy roleplay homebrew link:
>Comments are enabled for a reason. Feel free to help out.

Dungeon World Monster Classes.

Wikis for popular Monstergirl settings:

Monster Mosume (Everyday Life with Monstergirls):

Monstergirl Encyclopedia:

Monstergirl Quest:
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Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/

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/wfg/ - warhammer fantasy general

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"With rocks" edition

>Resources (Rules, Lore and Warhammer Fantasy Role-play)
WFB: https://pastebin.com/2EJLZq7a
WFRP: https://pastebin.com/NX6t6eYa
Novels :https://pastebin.com/t5kdcfVm

>Alternative Warhammer Miniatures and Manufacturers

>Warhammer Wikis

>Warhammer Video Games.

Previous thread: >>63058637

What is your dream army and for what edition?
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Drop Tables and Character Details

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Can we have a die tables thread? My group loves starting new characters out with an item from pic related, and I'd like to find more like it. I'd also love to find stuff for arcane foci, spellbooks, familiars, weapon details, etc.

I'll post a couple I have myself to get it going.
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Is “balance” in game design a spook?
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Magic: The Gathering Standard Format General /stdg/

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MTG Arena / MTGO / Paper Discussions



Newfags guide for Arena:

Card Database:

What’s in rotation:

Arena event schedule:

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40k Mechanicus Game General /40kmech/

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