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Why listening to them when you can listen to Pixies??
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new thread
weekly collage
no topsters ever
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What do we think of album of the year?
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RYM / Sonemic

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Post your RYM / Sonemic.
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What's the best Genesis album?
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What went wrong?
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Friday afternoon Shill thread

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Lets hear it /mu/sicians. Loud and proud heading in to the weekend.
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I'd argue this guy could've never stepped into the scene and IDM would still be the same. He's just IDM if it were for poptimists. Warp Records was already starting out before he got signed, the way his music and marketing with his meme face is attention seeking, he sporadically releases anything outside of eps from 2001-now while so much talented so-called "imitators" (which doesn't exist outside of Tycho and obnoxious fanboys of Aphex/Boc on IDM forums) make a lot of wonderful records that get alright ignored unless you're someone safe and middling like Four Tet or Jon Hopkins gets noticed from payola that Domino Records gives to publications so they can shower how this wankery piano noodling record is actually "the best thing for electronic since 85-92" or whatever.
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