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hipster bullshit fuck you fuck you


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Ladytron is officially /mu/core now
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Is Pitchfork decent now? Maybe it's just me but now that indie and rap are both dead, they seem to have improved their coverage.
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Funk rock is literally the worst genre of all time

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If you describe any rock song as “funky” it’s an instant drop.
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/metal/ general

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USBM Supremacy edition
previously on /metal/: >>119485592
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How do you guys feel about his posthumonus legacy? There's a sizeable amount of normies that consider him at least a top 5 artist of all time. On social media usually when people call him the best, unlike most artists there really isn't pushback
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What are the best "80s bands" whose catalogues go beyond their popular radio hits everyone knows? Any genre ok but new wave/avant-garde pop is the money shot, really.
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