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Walled grandma edition
old: >>122337025
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Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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Holy shit this is incredible
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/prog/ - Progressive Rock General

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It's been six years since our Jah was taken from us.

It still doesn't seem real.

For many of us, Jah was a light unto the world. He spoke the truth and his music was untouchable. For him to die so senselessly and be swamped with false accusations even after death was painful beyond belief. Why did he have to die?

I can only hope Jah is still bringing joy to millions of kids from the next world.
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What the fuck.
What the FUCK?
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Song Reviews & Recommendations

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Share a song if you want. Rate and review a previously posted song if you want. First lad who's not me starts us off with a link.
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Holy shit
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