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So /qa/, how has your week been?
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>weeb cucks have 15 boards
>get fucking mad when /pol/ is rumored to get a new one
Don't SJWs see their own hypocrisy?
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Rules of /qa/

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Welcome, new user to /qa/ - Questions and Answers! Hah, just kidding, this isn't Questions and Answers. This is 2D/Random
If you want to talk to the staff, I suggest you go to the IRC channel. If you want to bdiscuss ponies, go to /mlp/. Finally, if you want to talk about politics, go somewhere else, nobody here knows or cares for that stuff.
/qa/ was created as a board to get rid of anime, manga, Touhou and visual novels from other boards, it was never intended to be a board about questions and answers. Most of the users here don't care about questions, we only care about lolis and otaku stuff.

Ok, you already learned the true meaning of /qa/, but you aren't ready to post yet!
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Why is /qa/ so shitty?
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Copypasta thread

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Post copypasta in this thread. Pic unrelated
Old thread 404'd
Previous thread: >>1287795
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Delete /jp/ or turn it into a 2D/Random board. That board is so fucking dead and boring. There's no point in keeping it around in that state anymore.
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I just want my 2D/Random board. Why is everyone always so against one? You already have a pony board, a political board, and a board you can post pony porn on, we get nothing.
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Warosu's /jp/ ghost

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People who lurk Warosu's /jp/ archive: have you noticed that ghost posting is disabled? Why the Warosu admins decided to do that?

It seems that ghost activity is moving to moe's /jp/ now.

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Reminder that mods ban what makes them butthurt, not the rulebreaking posts.
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I wanna do this to a real lady some day.
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