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Ghostposting is under extreme vetting by new moderators to mitigate spam. Crackspamming or responding to any is a bannable offense.

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!swAglORdHQ #/nbqH(ne3]
!sWAGLORD62 #?`SIr_N)q6
!swagLorDuI #jF?H\@=I^u
!swaGLorddc #6jjA/p2xNz
!swaGloRDok #7=5GR]LdH9
!SwAglordfU #mwm4|^0?qV
!swaGloRDJk #}([email protected]`C0s
!HIrOyuKiUI #Hp;GZW}n.U
!hIrOYukil6 #8Oc`29{pR/
!HiRoyUkI5U #TxzQNAhbCq
!HIRoYUkIRI #Y-tfL-a:gC
!HiROYUKiis #JqL8:[Qg-O
!MoDeRaT0RA #M\?C8l)ea*
!/Qa/MOdMrA #Gm/OctNY}@
!/Qa/moDXeo #Choa-AAHZB
!/qA/moDoc. #XDzh1HVlbs
!/Qa/modARM #7=;~jO)m:i
!/QA/MODWew #3M58=xFGBO
!/qa/MOdPSI #i-an1)0_c0
!/qA/ModX92 #f*yy9$zx2J
!/qA/mOdCPs #F;}ViVYHm.
!/qA/MOdUfc #-a[6p}AOWx
!/Qa/MODme2 #YR_zfl{a'P
!/qa/MOdH8s #*[email protected]'Or
!/qa/MOdN0w #6[MSQ_4i27
!QUesTiONiY #s6K*tWLs=W
!QueStion5g #HV?KrM;]Bj
!QUestIOn5g #Ph:b^HxqG.
!queSTiOndo #/vaaGT3^Hs
!QUESTIOndo #=Z]Y:43m_0
!QuEsTIONes #TC^tEjhPtt
!quEstioN72 #L0evD9mGvz
!qUEStIoNOk #33'0}[email protected]
!ANSWERaWDU #)S)dWu8e0;
!aNSWeRALA. #Tp6On|o^~.
!answEr.weg #8[G?*H!APV
!AnswerROOk #YwN/}~3Py~
!FriEnd498. #:'[email protected]
!FRiEnD.sow #LG}Q/r3Yxu
!friendciaE #TV2!`jUlc.
!frIEnD2oe. #9pm|l'E.Vt
!FRIENDqAck #OwGhuC.s3)
!FRieNDBeak #[email protected][U
!fRIEndYUuA #8n(T616avL
!ENdROrOdus #lBpev'E5lz
!EndROQaXOg #($;upl?'H~
!UENoSANqes #T6gIPI8jX8
!uEnOsaNfaQ #;m'^V\Z9k/
!uenosANON. #/PoCz?w6`R
!UEnosANNO2 #x){58bw?]q
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/qajp/ never dies
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ITT we appeal to the Great Calle to make our v1captchas last as long as possible. Post Calles
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HIROYUKI NISHIMURA! with these digits i'm entitled to some service. It's time you crawl out of hiding and do your adminly duties. If GET then I humbly request /qa/ be reborn as /2D/ - 2D Random: A place of pure love yearned for by anons the longest time now.

This is the best option for /qa/ to survive against the onslaught of poniespam, /pol/, and other undesirables. Oh, and please tell the /jp/ janitor to take it easy.

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The /qa/ hentai livestream is up!
Password is Slay_The_Gay
If it doesn't work, try another browser or the legacy flash version of the site.
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Pissu just got fukken PISSED ON
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>make stupid post
>hide the thread and never look back
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Good News!

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Today is a historic occasion. The 4chan(nel) moderation team has just set a new precedent. Using the word INCEL in a post is now a bannable offence. Now this may seem confusing to some due the term's proliferation on certain boards and how those posts often go completely ignored by the moderation team even after being reported.

But unless a mod over on /a/ was just power tripping arbitrarily, they are now suddenly enforcing global rule 2 over users who post the term, even pass users for that matter, who have often suggested it's inclusion in a spam or post filter.

Just wanted to share the news, have a good day.
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How's the md5 filtering going?
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Why does 4chan like mass murder?
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