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what would u do to ur /qa/ friends wile they r sleeping
yotgo: i would snugglel up to him and hold his large torso which i am only 3/4th the size of
echibiki: i would hit him in face a few times and then poke him all over hehe
atechan: i would slap his tummy and draw on his face with a sharpy
tesnhi: i would flip him over and sleep on top of his bacc
tshit: strangle/inject with heroin
thrustvec: feed him large amounts of chocolate
r*chard: cut hair off and pee on
neo: put a password on his computer
{}{}{}{}: strategically place roaches inside of his mouth

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>can't browse any board longer than 5 minutes without getting irritated by le ebin stale maymay spammers, crossboarding /pol/tards, low content and low signal-to-noise ratio of the majority of threads
Am I finally outgrowing 4chan?
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``Mating press''

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The ``mating press'' is exactly the same thing as the missionary position. The only reason you coined and supported a new term for it was because ``missionary'' sounded uncool. I expect an edgy synonym for ``vanilla sex'' to be next.
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Can someone explain to me how is this a bannable offense?
>someone posts nsfw loli on /tv/
>report it and call out for mod
>get myself ban
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my ham-hams are on /qa/
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And time to uninstall 4chan X it seems, is there another developer who doesn't support board terrorists?
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any movies with thicc plots?

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Weeb threads are inherently derivative

Unlike other threads which rely on OC as lifeblood, weebs only recycle material. They do not create new material, they pillage from existing media. Being derivative in nature it requires no creativity. No effort. No thought at all. The text portion of a weeb is entirely a thoughtless exercise. The object, therefore, is not to create something new that other posters can admire, but to cast a widest net as possible and recall something that the most posters will recall themselves. The weeb thread is a 'reaching out' by the creator to the body of /qa/ hoping for an acknowledgement. It is a cry for help
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