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I miss talking to varappi about fitness.
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Three more days until Star Twinkle Precure! Don't get left behind on AotY!
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In accordance with /qa/ customs of ban evasion and disregarding rules, we present to you the following message again:
we interrupt the profound shittiness of modern 4/qa/ with a reminder of the kissu anniversery stream of moon phase!

Starting now!
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Why was my /wsr/ thread pruned or deleted?
Also, any answers?
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>Can shitpost at anytime he wants and make a board look like something they hate
>Is protected by a mod who won't delete his post even if they're off-topic
>Off-topic and potentially het idolshits that have nothing to do with the general yuri thread
>They are kept
>Upcoming anime with legit yuri and have to do with the general yuri thread
>They are deleted in moments
/u/ is ending the year and decade with this fucking autistic shitposting and moderation? Is this Aidorufag the single and biggest most autistic shitposter of 4chan? Fucking ban him and sack the idolshit mod.

4chan IRC mods

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According to them, the Tsundere Christmas Carrol is no longer allowed.

If you want to ask yourself, let them know:

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A problem general

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Why is it okay for a thread to be filled entirely with people doxxing someone?
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So /a/'s getting raided by /pol/.
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Haha wow Rumia that looks like it tickles! Haha what are you EVEN doing omg....
Did you forget to take your NO NO BITE medikayshuns???
Am I going to need to PUNISH you???!?
Name FIVE things you like about the Lebanese man's arm you're gnawing your teeth into and mAYbe I won't blast you with over 90000 lumens.