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What's /qa/'s opinion on ghostposting -that is, the posts being made on the archive sites rather than the site (mostly the foolz-styled ones)? Ghost posting only misses images after all.
I reckon some boards ghostpost quite a bit, while other barely seem to acknowledge that the archive exists. /a/, /jp/, and /tg/ seem to be the most active ghost boards, the other being mostly ranting at mods and random late replies.
So: do you ghostpost and why? Why don't you?
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Do you have any funny manga panels?
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Fuck babies.
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Fuck anime.
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What is life like as a poet?
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Copypasta thread

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Post copypasta in this thread. Pic unrelated
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I am the immortal demon.
Fire is my aura and said fire will comsume all life on Earth.
My figure capable of fooling men and my wit capable of fooling women.
These two wings on my back propel me into the future.

So as I pray, unlimited cute demon works!
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Now that 4chan has expanded to 63.5 boards this map needs an update.

Care to help /qa/?
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/qa/ discussion thread

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Use this thread for questions and discussion that don't warrant a full thread
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