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Mod Praise

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In the history of 4chan, who's your favorite mod?
Who's done the most to help 4chan and try to preserve it's quallity?
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Copypasta thread

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Post copypasta in this thread. Pic unrelated
Old thread 404'd
Previous thread: >>1287795
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Does anyone else miss the classic 300 replies 7 posters /qa/ threads?

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Where is he? The filenames are different now...

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What would you do, /qa/?
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What the fuck is this supposed to be? Are emoticons now allowed on /a/? Thanks for your quality moderation, mods. I'm not even going to talk about the filename.
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Hiro, please give us permission to have a Daily Japanese Thread on /a/. We've had one for years and it's become the best place to learn Japanese on the internet, but now the mods delete it, even though it fits the board since we use anime/manga to learn.

If you give us permission in this thread I'm sure the mods will respect that. ありがとうございます.
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Pardon my language, as I realize it doesn't help, but:

Why's the ``/jp/'' janitor so defensive about his faggot general?

It's one thing to delete posts, but submitting a ban request to mute me hours later because I said something he didn't like is pretty stupid. It's not even IN the general in question. And it has to be this post in particular, because nothing else I've wrote anywhere has been deleted, not even in the same thread.

And how is this a violation of rule 3?
When are you going to fire this janitor for submitting false ban requests all the time? (They tend to try muting whomever's post they delete, usually on /jp/ rule 1 whenever that's not too flaky like this time)

It's not like I'm just saying buzzwords, it's an actual observation using words they use. They were having some serious shit flinging argument about something when I went to see why they posted that thread outside of their general. Every one of the (admittedly like 4) times I've looked at it before too, they were always yelling at each other about something and seem to never calm down.

Meanwhile the janitor can't even remove actual rule breaking content from the board for patrolling general threads and deleting posts they don't like from other threads and every post replying to that post, even a day later. I mean they would rather moderate posts in a fucking spam thread than do a proper job like removing >>>/jp/16049162 and >>>/jp/16049996
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the worst thing about /tv/ is this whole reddit bullshit. Like the argument is that people use it instead of actually replying. This is wrong for many reasons:
>reddit actually has a tangible meaning. Redditors post like they're from reddit,
they have middle and low brow taste like redditors, and they spam you like autistic spergs if you call them out on it
>people will not suddenly change their posting styles if terminology is banned
>the mod in question is an actual redditor
>people shouldn't have to justify and reexplain the problem with reddit for every newfag that gets offended. The burden of proof is on the newfag to blend in, not for a normal poster to explain why the newfag is a faggot
Personally I'd like a return of "lurk more" and newfag with reddit faggot mixed in just to be clear
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