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What's /qa/'s opinion on ghostposting -that is, the posts being made on the archive sites rather than the site. Which boards do it the most? /qa/ seems to quite a lot.
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>>didnt read, saged and hidden
>>also built for bee bee sea
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Weeb Mafia screenshot thread part 3

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The seething weeb won't let us have a thread edition
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>/qa/ is now /jp/'s bitch
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4chan Happenings Thread

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ITT: Interesting and unusual stuff that's happening on the boards you visit.

Note: Non-happenings, small GETs on fast boards, complaints, personal report buttons, blogposting, and arguments over shitposts belong on >>>/qa/nah

Previous Thread >>3984308
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>You have 3 free articles left.
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How do I sign up for a onions duel?
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Welcome to the mass reply general!
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What happened to him?
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