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...This is a bad board. In fact, the worst.

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i'm getting a connection error when trying to have the page automatically refresh.

it seems to have happened after i had a few mostly 404'd thread pages opened in different tabs, then the thread pages were white with no style or images and refresh broken etc. etc., then i open an image link on the server, then i get some weird message i never got from 4chan before saying "Checking your web browser's integrity" or something, then the page style shows up, but i keep getting connection errors when trying to refresh.

so, my theory, based on what i see, is -- when you open up a bunch of pages andor are opening up a lot of stuff on 4chan on an ip, it breaks the page, "Checking your web browser's integrity", then automatic refresh is broken with connection errors after that.

i don't know how to fix this on my end other than getting another ip address. which is still a pain, can be easier said than done at work or with a shared connection, and you'd just end up having the same problem and having to do it over again. so yeah you can get a new ip address. yeah, but it's still a pain. and unnecessary. since it was working before. before all of this.

so everyone having the same problem; please post in this thread; maybe that will help. -- well. so i'm pretty sure the problem is on 4chan's end; due to yet another recent change that we're not told about in updates. i'd like to have my ip address working specifically right now; along with anyone else's. but, really, this problem needs to be fixed on 4chan's end. as well it'd be swell if 4chan x could do some type of temporary fix to get around this.

keywords and tags mayhem ccd0 4chanx 4chan-x 4chan x www browser extension

too long; didn't read: 4chan servers updated, "checks your browsers integrity", breaks your threads until you click on an image, then breaks your refresh with "connection errors".

please fix this as soon as possible.

thank you.

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/ota/ sent me.
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What's the prime age for girls? I'd say it's around 9-12.
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Ignore this post
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What's your favorite loli doujin cover?
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Hiro, please give us permission to have a Daily Japanese Thread on /a/. We've had one for years and it's become the best place to learn Japanese on the internet, but now the mods delete it, even though it fits the board since we use anime/manga to learn.

If you give us permission in this thread I'm sure the mods will respect that. ありがとうございます.
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Is Your Cat On A Table /qa/?

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