Real purpose of removing (You)

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was to make everybody forget about Modcat being fired. Cheap and easy distractions like these are Hiro's specialty.

Half of you fuckers are just memeing anyways and are completely indifferent to (you) being gone.
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Remove (You)

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What is the purpose of this "feature"? Are we really pandering to autists that can't even tell their own posts apart?

Not to mention it's brought in the worst type of attentionwhoring cancer that do nothing but derail the thread.

Remove (You).
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Custom CSS General

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In this thread share custom CSS for other anons to use.

Get (You) back:
a.quotelink.ql-tracked:after {
content:" (You)";
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>make a post
>too scared to see the replies
>don't check the thread until the next day
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1. Hiro and I have discussed the matter, and as a result the mod responsible for this warning has been fired. 4chan has a templated system of bans in order to ensure that the rules are enforced in a standardized way across all boards, and this mod decided to circumvent those templates in order to deliver a political message. Doing so was highly inappropriate as it demonstrated that the mod's motivation was not to enforce the rules, but to enforce his personal beliefs. This is outside the mandate of a 4chan moderator, and grounds for termination.

2. The screenshots from 8chan of a person claiming to be a 4chan mod are unrelated, and have every indication of being fraudulent. There are no mods that use that name, nor are there any mods in that age bracket. Despite all the rumors to the contrary, the mod team has not changed significantly for many years. Moreover, these screencaps belie an ignorance of our anonymous janitor application rating process and the measures put in place to prevent favoritism. Mods do not have the ability to engage in nepotism with janitor hires as all personally identifiable information about applicants are hidden from them, and they only rate a randomly selected subset of applicants. Multiple moderators have to give an applicant high ratings before they can be hired. Moreover, any mod behaving in a fashion similar to that claimed in the screenshots would be immediately identified and fired, as happened here.

3. /pol/ is for discussing politics and current events. Right Wing Safety Squad threads are neither. These threads need to find another venue. /pol/ is far too crowded for off-topic stuff like this. Also there is significant potential for personal army bullshit in these threads, which we cannot permit. 4chan is not your personal army.

4. /pol/ has grown enormously in the past few years, and now completely exploded due to the election. Now more than ever we need to ensure that the board stays on topic and high quality. There's way too much off-topic crap being posted, both intentionally and unintentionally and we need all /pol/ users to help prevent this. Do not reply to off-topic posts. Do not post dubs/GETs, roulette derails, "your mother will die in her sleep" derails, or other /b/-tier content. Do not post blog threads or blatantly off-topic threads.

/pol/ is about politics and current events. If you thread is not directly related to politics or current events, it should not go on /pol/. Read the sticky and abide by it. /pol/ will only improve in quality if you accept the responsibility not to engage in these sorts of behaviors, even if you perceive that others do.
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What's /qa/'s opinion on ghostposting -that is, the posts being made on the archive sites rather than the site (mostly the foolz-styled ones)? Ghost posting only misses images after all.
I reckon some boards ghostpost quite a bit, while other barely seem to acknowledge that the archive exists. /a/, /jp/, and /tg/ seem to be the most active ghost boards, the other being mostly ranting at mods and random late replies.
So: do you ghostpost and why? Why don't you?
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If you really want Modcat back, try to cause a shitstorm like /pol/ did so the staff is forced to act.

You can always leave the website, too. That would affect Hiroyuki's pockets more.
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Board-tan & Winter Ball Thread

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Let the race begin edition
Previous thread: >>869214
More board-tan pics here:
The ball is not dead, an autistic shitposter is derailing these threads. Report every single post he makes.
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The problem with 4chan is this man.
Zach Whitchurch aka Troid
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