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Don’t mind me just populating the catalogue.
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goodnight /qa/
let's do our best tomorrow!

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What's the most amazing place in nature you've been?

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What is something that really annoys you?
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What does /qa/ think of piracy?
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What do you eat for breakfast, /qa/?

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/qa/ has been hovering around 15-45% activity the past few days even with imported threads with a hundred or more replies.
Isn't it strange to think a board with 20 people on it gets more mod attention than ones with tens of thousands?
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What happens if you mention certain other Chans on 4chan?

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>Lobby: 100% QA
>PW: 1% fun

First sugu to roll a 6 attack against me gets kicked.

Add me if you want a copy of the game:

Poor nocoiners can listen to the new voices in the stream:
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Apprehensive technical side of 4chan

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Features and practices that could make 4chan great for the very first time in forever.
These are my mostly unoriginal ideas which I've glanced at for a few minutes and remembered them fondly. So I'm asking for you to also come up with some ideas for this thread, anon.

-CSS code allowing both image board and PHP forum layouts.
-Creating a blue /b/ for 4chan and separating red /b/, /pol/, half of /v/'s userbase into a different imageboard. (and then making them pay per post)
-Guest posting+registered accounts that have to go through an interview.
-Clone of boards /co2/ which allow only quality posting relating to the subject matter and which can be entered only by said registered accounts which went through an interview.

-Most features taken from 4chan X such as gallery mode/slideshow mode.
-Allow private messaging between anons.
-Automatic shitposting treebranching like on reddit+youtube in order to not spam the thread with shitposting.
-OPs can sometimes kick users out of their threads and make private threads to only allow users they invited them inside.
-Allow chat box inside the thread for users who don't want to wait too long for replies (also catches Redditors easier)
-Posting 50 images at a time w/wo delay for storytiming(/co/) purposes and image dumping threads.
-All posts are automatically set to sage on weekends.
-4chan automatically detects specific IPs and country IPs and warns them that the mods can see everything and their approximate location might be revealed. (Unless you have an account in which case even if the IP range is banned, the account will still be able to post unhindered while using said IP range)

-Registered accounts full of written text, preferences and pre-finished threads (stored locally)
-Userbase mixing once a month for 3 days. (co+tg, tv+tg, co+x, ck+an, diy+k)
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